L.A. Noire – House of Sticks

First Destination is California Life and Fire. Scroll over the first document thoroughly to learn your starting point. Next you have a case file to review. Flip over the pink page of the file. Tap everything on the left-hand page as well.

After you go over this, it's time for an interview, Elsa Lichmann.

Elsa Lichmann
Disputed Claim Payout – Doubt
Connection to Buchwalter – Doubt
Motive to dispute – Truth

Next it's time to investigate Elysian Fields once again. Once you are there you need to look at a few things. The first items would be in the trailer on the right-hand desk: the demolition order and Company Memo you'd find in there. On the left-hand desk you'll find a few more interesting things: Cement Delivery Receipt.

Now it's time to head over to the demolished house. It's marked as yellow on your map and very close to you. You will see several red flags around the house, start with the far right flag and work your way over to the left. You will get a big clue by the end of it, a Keystone Films Stamp.  Now once that part is over you have a fun little chase scene, where you're being chased by a bulldozer. Don't forget that you can spin around easily enough. Just aim at his head to get him to slow down as you jump over the obstacles in your way. Pop off a shot or two if he's really ambitious but try to avoid killing him, civilian and all.

After that head to the nearby telephone to get the address of Keystone Films.

Keystone Film Studios
Head into the studio and hop over the two fences, one on the left and one on the right. Start to the right and investigate the pile of lumber to get the clue Inferior Quality Lumber. Investigate the opposite lumber stack as well to get another clue. After that, head long the fence to the right and by Studio 3. Investigate the desk in the screening room which is to the left of Studio 3 to find a film canister you can investigate. Inside is empty but then you can look into the projector that is inside a case. That is the center of the room. You need to play with the dials a bit. The top one changes the focus while the second changes the speed. Once you get the speed and focus right, flip the switch to get the whole thing down. Head outside and investigate the guard shack there.

Now head over to the Elysian Fields Site Two. While you are there, investigate the one house with flickering lights. Head over to it and into it. Flip the switch in the house to check it out. Next head to the kitchen and investigate the faucet. After that, head on up the stairs and look into the master bed-room. A scene triggers to show you that you're in the right place. You'll then have to run out and hop into a car and drive to Elsa's apartment. Before you make it there you need to lose your pursuers. Remember to avoid damaging the cars and the city to keep your ranking high. Lots of zig-zagging throughout the streets will do the trick. Only after that should you head to Elsa's apartment. That will finish up the case.