L.A. Noire – The Red Lipstick Murder

Head on over to the crime scene. Head up the dirt path to find the body. First, talk with the coroner to find where the personal effects for the victim are. Nearby is her bag, investigate it to find some lipstick inside. From there head up, you will find a globe puzzle you need to solve to unlock the clue. The starting line needs a few twists to the left, you will hear a click when it is in the right place. Repeat this for the others, it is a very easy. Now head down, below the body to find some shoe prints. The coroner is working on comparing some to find out more about it. Time to investigate the body, you will want to look at her head to the right and her left hand, twisting it to the left to gleam the needed clues. Time to follow up on the one lead you have, over to the Bamba.

The Bamba Club
Talk with the front bartender to get pointed to the owner. Hard to miss him with his flower so head into the backroom and have a chat with him.

Suspect seen with victim – Truth
Ring stole from victim – Doubt
Knowledge of husband – Doubt

After your chat, head back to the front of the bar and go to the right to find a phone and call in the plate.

Head on up to the house and knock. Your partner will look into the backdoor but find a smashed window.

Just as you head into the house you will see a newspaper on the floor. First head into the dining room and look on the floor near the windows to find a shoe which will be added in. Now head to the left into the kitchen then look on the fridge to find a clue. Next look at the broken window behind you to learn about how they got in. Head further back into the house and into the bedroom and investigate the vanity mirror to find your next clue in the ring box. That finishes the clues inside the house, now head over to the one blue dot you see on your map, the neighbor. Talk with her, Jennifer Horgan, to learn something about the victim.

Jacob Henry's Apartment
After one big show of an entrance, it's time to scope for clues. First head into the kitchen to find a note pad by the phone. Shade it in center of the note pad to find the first clue. Now head into the bedroom and look at the shoes sitting in the suitcase on the bed.

Jacob Henry
Movements of the victim – Lie with the Husband's Alibi to back it up
Last contact with the victim – Truth
Motive for murder – Lie with the death threat letter to back it up

After this, things get a little out of control. Following what happens, head over to the phone. Now you can either head down to the station to interrogate Jacob more or follow the new information. To hear everything about the case, head down to the station and interview the suspect. After that, head over to the apartment

Jacob Henry Interview
Access to murder weapon – Lie backed by Husband's alibi
Lipstick markings – Truth
Deterioration of marriage – Lie backed by marital problems
Missing Jewelry – Truth

A. Mendez's Apartment
First thing is first when you arrive, look at the mail boxes to find out which apartment he is in (Apt. 16). Head on up to the top floor to find apartment 16. Inside it's time to find the last set of clues. Head to the back of the apartment and look in the bedroom. Near the foot of the bed you will find the bloody socket wrench, lipstick  That's all you need to do for this case as the next part is a chase to catch Mendez.