LA Noire – The Fallen Idol

Welcome to the last crime of Traffic! A very interesting start with the crime scene right on the door step of the station. Run up the stairs, that are near the station. You will find an officer directing traffic and see a large number of police cars hinting at where to go. Just keep going up the hill, and to the left, to find the crime scene.

With your arrival and introduction, you will find the first person to visit is the Coroner down at the actual crash site. Head to the right and follow that path down. The coroner directs you to the truck of the car. There you will find the first two clues, one in plain sight and the second inside the handbag. The next clue comes from talking with the coroner. Rotate it by pointing to the up and right. That finishes things down there so head on back up. Head over to the ambulance and talk with the woman sitting on the bumper.

June Ballard
Doping Allegation – Doubt – Opens Suspect Mark Bishop
Injured Female Passenger – Lie choose Underwear as your proof
Fake Shrunken Head - Doubt
Suspect Mark Bishop – Doubt or Lie

After your talk with Ballard, you can head over to the Central Receiving Hospital. Talk with the attending nurse in front of you to find the room with Ms. Hamilton. She's a lot more civil than Mrs. Ballard was at least.

Jessica Hamilton
Crash Incident Report – Lie with Underwear as Proof
Contact With Parents – Lie with the Letter as Proof
Association with Bishop - Doubt
Criminal Abuse – Truth

With that, it is time to move onto the next part of the investigation. You need to follow Mrs. Balland from a safe distance without really losing sight of her. A good guideline is about 3 car lengths behind. Avoid bumping into other cars or getting close to running pedestrians over. The first part of the tailing ends when she arrives at a Cafe. You'll need to get out and slip into the cafe when she isn't paying attention. Once you can get in, you will want to get the second booth on the left-hand side as it has a newspaper, very important for cover. She makes a call and you need to use that to slip in as well as learn where Mark Bishop lives. A lot happens over the car ride over whether you drive or your partner.

When you arrive, feel free to keep running in. The man at the front desk will give you the information you need to find the apartment. Head a bit to the left to find the elevators then head to the left and go into the room on the right. Time to gather up the clues found in the apartment. First, head over to the saddle you see. Next head to the left and into the bedroom. Now head into the room to the right of the saddle. You will find another movie prop sitting on the left-side of the room. To the left you will find a photo that's turned on its side. Look at that to get another clue. Head into the room with Mrs. Bishop but stay close to the room you just came from. There is another photo on the dresser that has two men in it. This shows the Mermaid that Jessica was talking about and you learn who the two men in the photo are. That finishes the clues so it is time to talk with Mrs. Bishop.

Gloria Bishop
Domestic Disturbance – Doubt Opens 3 new questions
Whereabout of Mr. Bishop – Truth
Check for $20,000 – Lie presenting the Check
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton – Doubt

Next head down the corridor just a short ways to find the telephone on the right side. This gets you the address of the prop store and your destination.

Silver Screen Prop Store
Walk on in and talk with the guy behind the counter, Hopgood, who will lead you to his small sound stage out back. Once you get there, it's time to sleuth for clues. Head up the short stair case to the landing. You will see some shelves, walk over to them and investigate. You'll find something there. Next turn around and look into the mirror behind you. You'll find out there's a room behind it. Head outside of the sound stage now and to the left. You will find some work benches over there that need attention. The first one is directly in front of you with a pair of fake heads. To the right you will find a newspaper continuing things with that subplot. Now, turn around and investigate the wall behind you, near the first work bench. It proves to be a fake as Cole kicks it open. Head down it and into the room that's there. Investigate the counter on the left, you will see a film canister with some familiar names on it. Twist it to the right, slightly up, to enable you opening it, finding it empty. To the left is another film reel you should investigate, moving it to the same angle as the last one. That wraps up this part of the investigation so head back into the sound stage and it's time to interrogate Mr. Hopgood.

Marlon Hopgood
Association with Bishop – Lie presenting the Chloral Hydrate
Whereabouts of Bishop – Truth
Relationship with Ballard – Lie presenting the Empty Film Canister, opens Evidence of Blackmail
Evidence of Blackmail – Lie presenting the $20,000 check

And now it's time to run a minute. Those guys are now trying to kill you but your partner will try to shoot out their tires so just get him a position to do so. This can take a try or two. You can also just evade them and run away without that much effort. Next you'll want to make for The Jungle Drums set.

Jungle Drums Set
Things are not going to be as simple as you might like her. Bishop is going to run and you need to chase him down then escort him out. Remember that Guy McAfee is gunning for him it is not going to be easy. Aim for the heads to take them out quickly. Try to grab one of the rifles they drop since it has better range than your pistol. After that, gun down whoever gets in your way.