Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 35 – Dragonspiral Tower

As you leave the Gym, you find Bianca and Cheren waiting for you outside. Cheren is beginning to question somethings, wondering how much he has changed since you left on your Journey. Bianca plans simply to visit the Pokemon Fan Club. Brycen will come out now and call out to someone to show themselves. The Shadow Triad will reveal itself, complimenting him on his ability to precieve things that are not there. They tell all of you that they are delievering a message specifically to you, that Ghetsis is summoning you to the Dragonspiral Tower, that N awaits your arrival there. Both Cheren and Brycen dash off. Bianca hesitates a minute but she will catch up shortly.

Head North to the entrance of the Dragonsprial Tower. You will encounter Cedric and Bianca catches up. Apparently a large number of Team Plasma Members broke into the Tower. After explaining things Cedric gives you an Old Gateau, an item that will perfectly restore any Pokemon's status. Go ahead and head north into the Dragonspiral Tower. The Grunt you see on the way in is of little consequence aside from saying inside you could witness a Legend!

Just follow the path you will find inside. You will see a staircase. Head for it and you will feel the Tower itself rock. Your character will actively wonder what just happened at the top of the Tower.

Floor 2
As you arrive, you will find Cheren at a differnet point on the floor. He will tell you that you can walk across a number of fallen columns here. You can head up a short ways and find a boulder you can move with strength. If you want, you can use Strength, move it, climb the small staircase there and reach the item ball there with a Stardust inside. From there, you can head to the right across the fallen colu,ns that you can reach from the northern edge on that ledge. Just under it, on the far right-side, you can find another item ball with a Hyper Potion inside. Head back to the left, using the columns and exit the same place Cheren did.

Floor 3
This is a fun area, you need to navigate the ramps to reach either the far side and exit or the item ball with a Shiny Stone.
Shiny Stone:
From the Starting Point:, Go Down, take the 2nd left ramp, go Up twice, and right to reach the ball. Head down twice then to the right to get back to the start

Head down, take the 3rd left ramp, go left three times, Up then left.

Now head to the next floor.

Floor 4
Here you find Brycen and Cheren squaring off against a number of different Grunts. They tell you to keep moving. Many of the Grunts have already been beaten. Once you get past the area with Cheren and Byrcen, you will start encountering Grunts you need to beat to progress. Follow the path and you will find these five Grunts:
1: Watchog lvl. 34
2: Liepard lvl. 34
3: Scraggy lvl. 34
4: Liepard lvl. 33, Liepard lvl. 33
5: Watchog lvl. 32, Scraggy lvl. 32 and Krokorok lvl. 32

Just follow the path here to find your way to the next area

In this room, you will find a deep room where you need to navigate a hub-based maze. This is a
Run Right, go Up, then right, down, left to get to the first item ball in this area with a Stardust inside. Head up over the near the near crossing. Head left to reach another Item Ball with a Star Piece inside it. Head right over the ramp, continue in that direction. Go Up across the next crossing, followed by going Right over the next ramp, down over the Crossing, left, down over the Crossing, Right all the way to reach an Item Ball with a Revive inside it. Now head down over the crossing, then left to finally reach the stairs.

Follow the path you find in front of you. You will see an Item Ball with a Max Elixir inside it. Head on to the left  to find Sage Giallo waiting for you with 4 Grunts. You will need to defeat all of them in sequence without pause. Patch up your team and move forward to take them on.

Grunt 1: Watchog lvl. 33, Krokorok lvl. 33
Grunt 2: Krokorok lvl. 33
Grunt 3: Trubbish lvl. 33, Liepard lvl.33
Grunt 4: Watchog lvl. 33

Head down to the Right and go up the stairs.

On this final level you will find N with Reshiram in White or Zerkrom in Black. He then talks of a world where only Pokemon live among other things. He does want to see if you will prove to be worthy of the other Legendary Dragon Pokemon. He is very certain you will be able to find the Stone that you need for this task.

After N departs on his Pokemon, you will find Brycen and Cheren showing up, asking after what just occurred. Cheren questions what happened and Brycen will explain that they need to set a course. You all auto-leave the Tower, no need to descend it. You will find yourself with Cedric, who is surprised at the awakening of the Legendary Dragon Pokemon. Just after that, a 6th person joins the party, Alder.  He does away with the chit-chat, telling that such a mass-release of Pokemon would vastly change the world, seperating Pokemon form People. Alder reveals that Reshiram and Zerkom once devastated the Unova Region with their fighting. Alder is surprised at N's hubris for attempting to command such a powerful Pokemon. They suggest hunting down  the stone needed to revive the other Pokemon, lest Team Plasma comes to command both of them. Alder suspects that the Relic Castle holds the item that you will want to seek out. He and Cheren depart for the Castle. Bianca gives you a reminder of where it is, nearby Nimbasa City.