Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 34 – Icirrus City Gym Challenge

Welcome to the Ice Gym of the 5th generation. You will need to slide your way across the ice to reach the various trainers and eventually reach the Gym Leader. For now, talk with your Gym Guide to receive your customary Fresh Water and tips for taking on the Gym Leader.

Walk forward from the Guide to slide/spin over to the first of the trainers here, Black Belt Grant. He challenges you with a pair of Cubchoo lvl. 35 and a Cryogonal lvl. 35. After you beat him, move onto the Red Switch that is nearby. This will change the direction of the Spinner in the center of the room. Step into it to find your way over to the next part with Battler Girl Miriam with her Cyrogonal lvl. 37. After her,  head over to the right, running up the stairs and over the ramp to jump over to the next part of the Gym.

The first trainer in this part of the Gym is Black Belt Kendrew with a Cubchoo lvl. 37. Step onto the ice just past Kendrew going to the right. After that slide Up, then Right to reach Battle Girl Mikiko with her Cubchoo and Vanillish, both lvl. 36. Following that battle, go Up, Right, walk along the short path to the pointed part of it. Go Left onto the ice toward the Spinner. Go Up from the Blue Panel to reach the Red Switch. Now move Up, Left, then into the Spinner.

Run on up the stairs you find yourself after the Spinner. You will encounter Battle Girl Chandra here with her pair of Vanillish lvl. 36. Now, head Left, Up into the Spinner, Right, Up, Right into the Spinner. Go up along the short path. Slide up to fight Black Belt Thomas with his Vanillish lvl. 36 and Cunbchoo lvl. 36. Head Right onto the Red Switch to change the Spinner. Go Down into the Spinner, Left, Down, Left to reach the next Spinner. Go Up to reach the Gym Leader.

Hyper Potions: 2
Vanillish lvl. 37 – Acid Armor, Mirror Shot, Frost Breath, Astonish
Beartic lvl. 39 – Swagger, Brine, Slash, Icicle Crush
Cyrogonal lvl. 37 – Aurora Beam, Frost Breath, Reflect, Rapid Spin

He starts usually with the Vanillish using Acid Armor. After that, expect a fair number of Mirror Shots and Frost Breaths. The Beartic will likely try to get your Pokemon with Swagger right off, boosting your attack but also confusing you. Expect to see some Brines and Slashes, though if it has a good opportunity, it will use Icicle Crush. The Cyrogonal loves to use Aurora Beam and Frost Breath. All these are Ice-Type so solid Fire/Fighting-Type attacks will just pave your way to victory.

After you beat all his Pokemon, he will award you with the Freeze Badge and TM 79, Frost Breath. Frost Breath is a nasty move in honest with a perfect rate on Critical Hits. Time to keep moving on in the story so head on out along the left-hand side of the Gym.