Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 28 – Mistralton City

It is nice to get outside after everything that happened inside that cave. This town's Pokemon Center is right next to the exit of the Chargestone Cave, so visit and patch up your team. If you talk to the man by the main counter, he will reveal what the Hidden Power of any Pokemon you show him is. Head to the right from the Center and visit the house. You will be in the Move's Family House. Here you will find a Move Reminder and Deleter. The girl in top left is the Reminder and the old man in the top right is the deleter. The Move Reminder will ask for 1 Heart Scale for each move that she has the Pokemon recall. Using the Move Deleter is the ONLY way to clear out a HM that a Pokemon has learned.

That is everything by the entrance of town. Head up past the Pokemon Center to have a pair of encounters. The first is Juniper's father, Cedric. He will be happy for your progress on the Pokedex project and will upgrade your Pokedex with a search feature and extended display options to show different forms of Pokemon and their shiny variants. Just after him, you will encounter Skyla. She is of course, the Gym Leader for the town. Like any good Gym Leader, she has something else going on and is headed to the Celestial Tower because she heard there was a weakened Pokemon up there. This Tower is located off Route 7. Before we head there, there is the rest of the town to explore.

Head up and to the left of the Pokemon Center. You will find a large Blue building, head in.Talk to the woman in blue by the counter to receive a Sharp Beak, a hold item that raises the power of Flying-type attacks. Head on out the building. If you go to the left and up, you will find the Gym tucked away at the far end of the run-way. If you head down and look at the plane packed on the left side of the run-way you will find TM 58, Sky Drop, sitting around there.. That is everything you can find in-town for now, so it is time to head to the right and Route 7!