Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 27 – Chargestone Cave

When you arrive there, walk up to the webbing blocking the entrance. Clay will show up, talk about his responsibility to clear the webbing and then, finally give you the TM 78 he promised. With that, it is time to investigate this new area and collect most the items within.

Once inside walk a little ways and you will find N waiting for you with the Shadow Triad. He explains that they were the ones responsible for the Galvantula nest right at the entrance of the cave. He explains that you have been chosen and he asks if that surprises you. There is no wrong answer, so whichever. He explains that Ghetsis wants to see what kind of trainer you truly are. After that he walks off into the cave, leaving you free to explore it.

Keep walking forward to have a second encounter. This one is much more pleasant as it is Bianca and Juniper! Bianca explains that the hover stone that looked to block your way can be moved simply by touching it. Juniper will give you a Lucky Egg. This handy hold item increases how much experience your Pokemon gain from battling. With that, head over to the stone Bianca is by and walk into it. It will sail into the larger stone to the left. Head on up the path.

You will find a pair of ledges with a floating stone blocking your way. Push it to the right to move it out of your way. The item ball you find in front of you has a Parlyz Heal. Head to the right to find a trainer and an item ball behind another floating stone. The trainer is Scientist Ronald with his Klink lvl. 29. The item ball is behind Ronald, with a pair of floating stones in front of it. Just push the top one to the right to clear the way to it and claim it for the Revive inside. Head on over to the left then up.

You will find another ledge. This one you can just walk around. Loop up onto it and you will find an item ball with a Heal Ball inside it. Keep going to the right from there. You will find Ace Trainer Jared waiting for you. He sends out an Archenm lvl. 31. This Pokemon can be threatening until you get it below half health, then its attack drops sharply. After you beat him, you will need to deal with the pair of floating stones. Push the first one to the left then push the second one downwards. Follow the path down the stairs and go to the right.

As you approach the stone, Juniper and Bianca will approach you again. The Professor will see if you have found anything yet. She will comment that Klinks have only been around the Chargestone Cave for approximately 100 years. She wonders where they can from.

With that, they will let you be. Head up the stairs and to the right. You will find Hiker Hardy on that ledge. He will challenge you with his Boldore lvl. 26 and Gurdurr lvl. 26. That is all you can do up here, so head back down the stairs and keep going south to find a bridge. When you start to cross it the Shadow Triad appears surrounding you. They drag you across the bridge and finish telling you that Team Plasma is waiting below for you to challenge them. They vanish and leave you be.

There is an item ball just above you with a Hyper Potion inside it. Push the floating crystal down and head south yourself. Make for the stairs. On the way you will encounter another Trainer, Scientist Naoko with her Klink lvl. 29. Before going down the stairs, loop around them and head to the left. There are two floating crystals not too far from the stairs. Push the bottom crystal toward the rock. This lets you get behind the pair of crystals and at the item ball found behind them. Inside you will find an Iron. With that, head down the stairs to the basement floor.

Head to the left. You will see a pair of twins waiting by the stairs leading upwards. Talk to them to receive a nugget! If you need to restock on supplies, you can head to the left to quickly reach the entrance by going up the stairs and hopping over the ledge at the top of them. If your team needs some healing, head up the stairs near the Nugget Brothers then go to the right. You will find Doctor Wayne. He will challenge you with his Swadloon lvl. 29. After you beat him though he will heal up your team for free.

To continue you will want to head northwards, up the stairs close to the Nugget Brothers. Just head straight up, favoring the left to reach an item ball with a Timer Ball inside it. Keep going up to find the first Grunt of the series that Team Plasma has up in your way. This one has a Sandile lvl. 26, Scraggy lvl. 26 and a Watchog lvl. 26. The next Grunt has a Scraggy lvl. 28. The third one has a Trubbish lvl. 27 and Liepard lvl. 27. The fourth has a  trio of Trubbish lvl. 26. The fifth has a Watchog lvl. 27 and Sandile lvl. 27. The sixth is behind a pair of stones that you need to push aside, both of the stones you just need to walk into. This Grunt has a Liepard lvl. 28. The last Grunt is not too far behind them with their Sandile lvl. 27 and Watchog lvl. 27. There is one more area to explore from here before you head up the nearby stairs. Go back to the left and go down the stairs near the Grunt.

On the second basement floor, keep heading south. You will find Ace Trainer Allison waiting with her Drilbur lvl. 30 and Zebstrika lvl. 30. After you beat her, push the floating stone to the right. Head down the now cleared path. Weave your way down and to the right. Head for the nearby stairs and go down them to reach an item ball with a Hyper Potion inside it. Head down and to loop up to the left to reach the next item ball with a Rare Candy. Moving around, not too far from those stairs is another Ace Trainer. This is Stella with her Gothita lvl. 29, Lilligant lvl. 29 and Ducklett lvl. 29. From her, head upwards, favoring the right to find the last item ball on this floor with some BrightPowder inside. This hold item decreases the accuracy of your opponent's Pokemon while facing the Pokemon holding it. Head back to the stairs that lead down here, time to resume the trek out of here.

Head on up the stairs near that final Grunt. This leads to the second half of the first floor. Head down and to the left to find Scientist Orville with his Klink. Head back to the right and down to find Ace Trainer Corky with his Whimsicott lvl. 30 and Tirtouga lvl. 30. Go down the stairs behind him to find an item ball with a Magnet inside. This hold item increases the power of Electric-type moves. Head back up and go to the right. As you near the exit, N will show up and challenge you. He wants to see what your dream is.

Boldore lvl. 28 – Smackdown, Iron Defense, PowerGem, Mud-slap
Joltik lvl. 28 – Bug Bite, Slash, Gastro Acid, Ectroweb
Klink lvl. 28 – Gear Grind, Bind, Charge Beam, Thundershock
Ferroseed lvl. 28 – Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Pin Missle, Metal Claw

With the typing of this team, and that you have encounter many of his team, it should not be too hard for you to deal with him. Boldore can be leveled by any of the starter Pokemon. The rest will fall readily to Fire, Rock or Fighting-Type attacks thanks to the fact they are all part Steel or Bug!

Following the battle, Bianca and Juniper will show up. N riles against Juniper's Pokedex project saying it is unnatural for the Pokemon to be categorized by some arbitrary system that she has created. Juniper responds calmly, seeing that N can have his own view on things and she respects that. He misunderstands this, taking it to his usual extreme, that he should just ignore what people do despite the harm it can bring to the Pokemon themselves. With that he leaves the cave and everyone behind. Juniper responds that was not how she expected things to go and that he just needs time to see how people feel about Pokemon. She leaves to collect more data and Bianca follows as she is Juniper's bodyguard now. Now it is time to leave the Chargestone Cave. Head for the exit just past the stairs.