Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 20 – Route 16 (First Visit)

Moves Suggested: Cut, Strength

This is an optional section, but it does have some good Pokemon and items while being convenient right now. Head on to the west from Nimbasa. If you enter at night you will find a Policeman, Daniel, waiting to challenge you not too far in. He has a Herdier lvl. 24. Just below him is, which you will regularly encounter any time of day, is Cyclist Krissa with her Ducklett lvl. 22 and Liepard lvl. 22. From there, head up and into the trees. There you will find Backpacker Stephen with his Drilbur, lvl. 23. Head back to the main road of Route 16 to reach the next Backpacker, Peter, with his Scraggy lvl. 23. The last trainer on the road is Cyclist Hector with his 2 Whirlpede lvl. 22.

Head back to Peter in the middle of the Route. Have your Pokemon with Strength push the boulder there forward so you can get in. There is another trainer just to the right, Backpacker Lora. She has a Swadloon lvl. 23. Take a moment after you beat her to head between the fence and trees in this area to reach a semi-hidden item ball with a Charcoal inside. Head straight up from her to find an item ball with TM 66, Payback. Now head back to the road itself.

Go to the first opening you found, with Backpacker Stephen and go up that path. You will find a tree you can cut down with a Rare Candy tucked away above it. From there, it is time to visit one more optional area. Head to the right then up, into the Lostlorn Forest.

Once you complete the Lostlorn Forest, head back to town. For now you cannot cross the marvelous bridge and must wait until you complete the main story to do so.