Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 12 – Nacrene Gym Challenge

You will want your Pokemon closer to lvl. 20 for this Gym, the leader's are around there.

Head in, the Gym is in the back of the Museum, so you must trudge through here first. Just part the reception desk though, something is happening. The assistant director of the museum, Hawes, is looking at a Pokemon skeleton. He proceeds to give you a tour of the museum. He shows you the skeleton he was looking at, explaining the theory around it. After that, he shows you a meteorite (yes, it helps a particular space Pokemon change forms) that has a strange energy about it. Next is a pretty stone. He concludes by showing you the entrance to the Pokemon Gym. He also reveals that he is married to the Gym Leader, Lenora!

Head into the Gym itself, your guide greets you. He will give you some encouraging words and give you a Fresh water to help you through the challenging battles to come. He also tells you that if you want to get some Fighting-Type Pokemon, you should head to the Pinwheel Forest next to town. He explains that to move forward you will need to find particular books and answer the questions inside them. His hint is the first book is “Nice to Meet You, Pokemon”.

Walk on forward to find your first challenger in the Gym, School Kid Carter with his Patrat lvl. 17.  He tells you that the book is in the children's section in the library, which is close to the entrance. This book is found in the blue section of the bookshelf on the left. The first question is What was the first Pokemon you met in this Gym? She says the hint is on a bookshelf in the middle row.

Head to the middle row and there is a girl you can talk to. She will ask if a particular Pokemon was the first you met in this Gym. Answer “No” and she will tell you that the answer is on the bookshelf to the left. Look on the left-hand side of the left bookshelf and you will find a book entitled “The Biology of Patrat”. Your character will find the next memo. The next question is “Flames burn inside its body and while it gives off smoke from its head while it runs … What is this book?” She gives you a hint that someone maybe reading it. There is a person in the next row doing just that so you should go talk to them. Do so and they will tell you they are reading “The Structure of Locomotives”. A little thought ties the two together, so the answer is “Yes”. They will then challenge you to a Pokemon Battle. This is Scientist Satomi who sends out a Herdier lvl. 17.

After that Satomi stands aside and lets you read the book she was. When you get to a particular point you find the next memo. Lenora congratulates you for finding this. Now she asks her third question: “If you heat it up in a pot, it'll be delicious. What is this?” The hint is on a bookshelf closer to the entrance than where you are. If you want another hint, talk with the girl who asked you about the first Pokemon you battled in this Gym. She will mention a book about berries and something about cooking them. She will allude to making something with Berries but cannot recall what they were called. Head down one row and look into the children's books. There is a book on the right bookshelf on the right-hand side called “Sweets for Pokemon”. It takes about tasty treats for Pokemon called Poffins! This book has the fourth and final riddle, “From this bookshelf … Move two backward, move one to the left, move two forward, one to the right, and move one backward … Now, where is it?” The hint is simply “Find it by yourself”. Well, that would be harder to do without it written down. Following the directions do not get you anywhere. Talk with the person one row up to finally challenge them. This is School Kid Lydia with her 3 Lillipup lvl. 15. Beat her and she will stand aside and let you get to the last book. Read it to find the final memo which will a hidden staircase, giving you access to Lenora.

Gym Leader Lenora
Herdier lvl. 18 (With Intimidate, which lowers attack) – Take Down, Retaliate, Leer, Bite
Watchog lvl. 20 – Retaliate, Crunch, Leer, Hypnosis

The Watchdog, using Retaliate can one hit KO strong Pokemon so be careful the first turn after the Herdier faints. Try to start with a strong Pokemon for the battle, take out the Herdier, then switch to something to soak the potential Retaliate. After that, send in your Pokemon that is best against Normal-Types. Retaliate will be at normal strength and you will have a much easier time taking down the Watchdog. It still has Hypnosis, so keep on-guard and take advantage of the Chesto Berries Cheren gave you a little while ago.

After that battle she will award you with the Basic Badge and TM 67, Retaliate. Making it so
you too can have that move at your command. Just after the congratulations something starts happening in the area above. Time to go see what it is.