Pokemon Black White Walkthrough Part 7 – Dream Yard (First Visit)

Head over to the left and you will find yourself facing Lass Eri. She has 2 Purrloin, both lvl. 8.  Further to the right, just past the small tree blocking an entrance, is Youngster Joey. He has 3 Pokemon, 2 Patrat lvl. 7 and a Lillipup lvl. 7.

After these trainers, you will find a third person. They will offer one of three Pokemon, this depends entirely on which starter you chose:
Snivy – Panpour
Oshawott – Pansear
Tepig – Pansage

Believe me, this Pokemon will be vital in the upcoming Gym Battle. This is because it will cover the weakness that your starter.

Head up to the right, through the opening in the fence. There you will find an item ball with a X-Defend. With that, it is time to head back to the Gym and take them on!