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Rift Souls Guide: Rogue souls
By chronodev (Ron)
Published on 03/6/2011
A guide to the Rogue Souls in Rift, including advantages and disadvantages.

"An Assassin is an offensive Rogue who has mastered the art of subtlety and subterfuge. He stalks the shadows, bypassing obstacles to launch devastating surprise attacks. Those who survive this initial assault will find themselves quickly falling prey to his virulent poisons."

Choose this soul if you like to surprise enemies from the shadow.
Advantages: Surprise attacks, potent poisons.
Disadvantages: Without the element of surprise, Assassins are vulnerable.

 "A Bard is a support specialist who uses her songs to inspire her allies and dishearten her foes. She is in her element as part of a group of adventurers, where her musical codas, fanfares, and anthems are most effective."

Choose this soul for a great support role.
Advantages: Lots of support abilities that inspire your allies.
Disadvantages: Not effective without a team, lacks offense compared to other rogues.

Blade Dancer
"A Bladedancer is an offensive specialist who overcomes opponents with precision strikes and graceful agility. Her deadly dance is mesmerizing, enabling a talented Bladedancer to easily avoid or deflect incoming attacks, while simultaneously launching lethal attacks of her own."

Choose this soul for a dexterous fighter that deals devastating close combat damage.
Advantages: Quick, devastating, close combat attacks, high agility allows to avoid incoming attacks.
Disadvantages: If they don't manage to kill the enemy quickly, armor will offer little protection.

"A Marksman is an offensive sharpshooter who is trained to thin the enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency. He combines swift hit-and-run attacks with devastating volleys, endlessly harassing his opponents and leaving a field of dead and crippled foes in his wake."

Choose this soul if you like killing enemies from afar.
Advantages: High range attacks can kill enemies before they even get close to you.
Disadvantages: Not very effective in melee range.

"A Nightblade is an offensive Rogue who mixes arcane powers with cold steel for deadly efficiency. Cloaked in shadow, he relies on precise strikes of the blade and the cold fires of death to leave naught but ash in his wake."

Choose this soul to combine stealth and quick damage with some arcane magic powers.
Advantages: Powerful sneak attacks, as well as some magic capabilities.
Disadvantages: If the Nightblade's sneak attack fails, he won't be effective if not able to finish the enemy quickly.

"A Ranger is a flexible Rogue having an uncanny way with the wild beasts of Telara. This master of bow and blade develops a bond with her pets that lets them move as one in battle, each knowing what the other is thinking and reacting accordingly."

Choose this soul if you like dealing ranged damage as well as having a pet companion to aid you.
Advantages: Ranged attacks, pet can tank and deal damage in combat.
Disadvantages: Not very effective without the pet.

"A Riftstalker is a defensive specialist who has learned to bend the magic of the planes to aid him in battle. He uses this knowledge to shift himself in and out of the planes, granting him unprecedented mobility and the ability to shrug off the most lethal of blows."

Choose this soul for a highly mobile fighter.
Advantages: Able to plane shift to different locations, defensive capabilities shielding him from attacks.
Disadvantages: Not very effective in long fights.

"A Saboteur is an offensive Rogue who employs all manner of explosives and other incendiaries to cripple her opponents and control the battlefield. With proper preparation, a Saboteur can destroy a team of opponents without ever engaging them directly."

Choose this soul for devastating explosive abilities.
Advantages: Highly potent explosives and traps make opponents pay a deadly price tag.
Disadvantages: Takes time to lay the traps and prepare the battlefield; Vulnerable if surprised.

Infiltrator (PvP Soul)
"Infiltrators strike from the shadows, crippling victims and bypassing their defenses with ruthless blows. Even the mightiest combatant is at risk when one of these Rogues lurks about the battlefield, ready to strike at any time."

Choose this soul for PvP combat.