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Rift Souls Guide: Cleric souls
By chronodev (Ron)
Published on 03/6/2011
A guide to the Cleric Souls on Rift, listing advantages and disadvantages of each soul.

"A Cabalist is an offensive Cleric who draws on powers that others fear. Using ritual and sigil to call forth seeping death and suffocating water, he devastates the battlefield with powerful attacks that catch all of his enemies in a sinking grip."

Choose this soul if you like to use Rituals to deal massive damage, as well as be able to heal yourself.
Advantages: Sigils that explode for powerful destruction. Damage over time abilities.
Disadvantages: Healing not so effective. Damaging effects take time to achieve maximum potential, this making the Cabalist vulnerable to quick burst attacks.

"A Druid is a powerful melee combatant who exists in harmony with the forces of nature. She is able to call forth uncorrupted Fae spirits from the Plane of Life to harry her foes, heal her allies, and even manifest as a companion creature."

Choose this soul if you like to have a pet to help you with fighting and healing.
Advantages: Pet companion that can heal you and help you in combat in many ways.
Disadvantages: Dependency on the pet; If pet dies, the Druid becomes less effective.

"An Inquisitor is an offensive Cleric who specializes in the administering of pain. He channels his divine wrath into individuals he deems worthy of punishment, corrupting the blood in their veins and slowing the beat of their very hearts."

Choose this soul for a nice balance of Life skills and death skills.
Advantages: Balanced skill tree with mixture of life powers and death powers.
Disadvantages:  The balance comes at the expense of specialization, less potent then Clerics pure in only one of the paths.

"A Justicar is a defensive Cleric who excels at fighting shoulder to shoulder with her allies in close combat. Her conviction
builds with each swing of her weapon, bolstering nearby allies and powering her potent healing magic."

Choose this soul if you like to have your damaging attacks heal you and your allies.
Advantages: Lasts long in combat due to dealing damage and getting healed at the same time.
Disadvantages: Depends on dealing melee strikes to heal, not so effective if not in the front line.

"A Purifier is a healing specialist who draws from a synthesis of Life and Fire spirits, allowing him to focus incredible healing energies on a single individual. His spiritual power can also be focused outwards, smiting down those who oppose him."

Choose this soul if you like to be in a support role.
Advantages: Powerful support spells.
Disadvantages: Lacking in offensive capabilities.

"A Sentinel is a healer who brings the blessings of light and healing to all who would do the will of the gods. Capable of healing large groups of those in need, she bolsters her allies with the life of the gods, and protects herself with the wrath of the divine."

Choose this soul if you enjoy the healing role.
Advantages: Powerful healing spells able to heal many allies at the same time.
Disadvantages: Poor offensive capabilities, needs to be in a group for maximum effectiveness.

"A Shaman is an offensive Cleric who serves as a conduit for the elemental forces that compose the world. This power augments his every attack, making him a powerful melee combatant while shielding him from harm."

Choose this soul if you want to be able to perform powerful melee attacks as well as have healing capabilities at your disposal.
Advantages: Fast and powerful melee strikes.
Disadvantages: Lacks defensive and support abilities compared to other clerics.

"A Warden is a healer who calls upon the soothing power of water. She specializes in slow healing that escalates over time, making her ideal at aiding allies throughout prolonged fights that would leave most exhausted and unable to continue."

Choose this soul if you want to have powerful protection and support spells, healing your allies over time.
Advantages: Powerful healing spells that can act for the duration of combats, healing over time.
Disadvantages: Heals over time can be outpaced by quick bursts of massive damage. Lacks offensive capabilities.

Templar (PvP Soul)
"Powerful attackers and defenders, these versatile Clerics are just as happy blessing friends as introducing foes to the business end of a warhammer. Invaluable support players, Templars complete any elite strike-force."

Choose this soul for PvP combat.