Traitor's Keep – Prison Management For Beginners

With Milton removed, it falls onto Lieutenant Hadley to manage things around Ravenscar Keep. He can be found in the Records Room of the Keep. Talk to him to see what has happened since you dealt with Milton. Hudley is now in charge and needs to find 5 books that disappeared on the day of the riot. Hudley will give you keys that will give you full access to the island (and his house) so no area will be barred from your search. They can be found scattered over the island. Time to start the hunt.

The first volume can be found in General Turner's Cell. Just head out of the Records Room, go to the cell with the painting of a General in it, open it up and you will find the book sitting on the table by the door.

Be sure to visit Witchcraft Mary's Cell as well, as it is right there and search her nightstand buy her bed. There is a valuable key sitting there that you will want later on.

The second of the books can be found inside the keep in one of the main cell blocks. From the entrance of the Keep itself,  take the second entrance on the left. Go into the cell block and up the stairs, turning to the right. From there, open the third door on the left. You will see a divider in the back of the cell, it is covering up an opening in the wall. Go through it and head to the right, diving down. You will be in the back portion of the boiler room. Head through the other opening in the wall. Keep following the path. Soon you will make it into the sewers. Once there, you will want to turn to the right. Open the gate and head to the far side of the little area. The book is sitting on the table.

The third of the books can be found by retracing your steps to where Milton last led you, down the stairs  of the secret passage in the Records Room. Head to the Boiler Room and go to the door on the left. It was locked, but you can open it now. Do so and you will find the first of the books sitting on the table just inside it. Head back up and give it to Hudley.

The fourth book can be found outside the keep entrance. Head down the path that is directly across of the entrance, that leads to the gallows. Take the first left you can. That will lead you to a beach. Turn right once you are there. You will find a locked gate. Open it using the keys, go up the stairs, into the small cave and you will find the book on a bedroll in the back of the cave.

The fifth book is found off in the direction where you did Undeath Sentence. Head to the right after you reach the top of the first set of stairs coming up from the pier. From there, follow the main path in the area until you ascend the first set of stairs. You will see a secondary path bearing off to the right, leading to a gate. Follow this path, opening up the gate, then the small crypt within. On the table, by the door, you will find book five of the series.

Once you get all the books, head back to the Records Room and turn them over to Hudley. You will get the “Keeping It Real” Achievement and complete the quest. You, at this point, make the choice of keeping the political prisoners here, maintaining what Logan was doing or locking up even more people here in Ravenscar Keep. The choice is yours.