"Beastmaster is an offensive Warrior whose strength comes from a deep bond with his spirit companion. This companion manifests as an ally in battle and emboldens the Beastmaster, granting him its power."

This soul is a good choice if you would like to have a pet companion to help you with the fighting, and at the same time be able to wear plate and fight well on your own.
Advantages: The main advantage is your pet companion that you can use as either a tank or a damage dealer.
Disadvantages: Most effective when with companion, can be in trouble if it dies.

"A Champion is an offensive powerhouse who specializes in the use of two-handed weapons. She wades into battle, quickly closing on the strongest opponent she can find with a single goal in mind: to seek glory by defeating all those who stand in her way."

Choose this soul if you like charging into battle dealing a lot of damage
Advantages: Fast charge into battle for powerful attacks. Wields massive two handed weapons.
Disadvantages: Charging into battle leaves you weak on the defensive side. No shield.

A Paladin is a defensive Warrior specializing in the use of shields to deflect incoming damage and set up powerful counter-attacks. In addition, he calls upon divine powers to bolster his own defenses as well as those of nearby allies."

This soul is a good choice for tanking.
Advantages: Good defensive abilities, able to protect allies as well. Shield can be used for defense as well as an offensive weapon.
Disadvantages: Carrying a shield means you wield a one-handed weapon that deals less damage then two-handed ones. At a disadvantage against spel casters and against ranged attacks.

"A Paragon is an offensive fighter who does not pause long enough to give her enemy time to attack. A master of dual-wielding blades, she builds powerful strikes using parries and disciplined forms to both propel her blows and keep her out of danger."

This soul is a good choice if you like to dual wield while being able to withstand a lot of damage with your metal plate.
Advantages: Wield two weapons to deal heavy, consistent damage.
Disadvantages: Their damage is consistent so can sometimes be predictable and are at a disadvantage against healers who can outpace their damage.

"A Reaver is a defensive specialist who combines the art of combat with the energies of death. The slightest touch of his weapon can spread disease and incite madness, leaving his foes incapable of mounting an assault against him and his allies"

Choose this soul if you like melee and also like to deal damage over time.
Advantages: Dealing damage over time lets you fight well against several enemies at once.
Disadvantages: Slow damage, not very effective against single opponents.

"A Riftblade is an offensive Warrior who uses both blade and elemental forces to attack her enemies. Versatile in her assaults, she can strike from range with spears of energy or in close combat by enhancing her weapon with raw elemental power."

Choose this soul if you like to combine melee with elemental damage.
Advantages: Combines melee with magic. Gives the figher some good ranged capabilities. Elemental damage effective for penetrating armors.
Disadvantages: Not many protective powers, weak on the defensive side.

Void Knight
"A Void Knight is a defensive specialist who has trained in eldritch techniques to fight those who wield magic. Spells that would bring another Warrior low are shaken off by a Void Knight, reflected back at the caster, or stored in magical pacts he can unleash with devastating effect."

Choose this soul if you like to be protected from magic effects.
Advantages: Unlike other warrior souls, the Void Knight has good defenses against magical attacks and is very effective against spellcasters.
Disadvantages: Not so effective against non-spellcasters.

"A veteran survivor of many battlefields, the Warlord is a support specialist who has lived her life in conflict and understands it at an instinctual level. With powerful command auras, she controls the field of battle, emboldening allies and weakening opponents."

Choose this soul if you like boosting attacks of your allies.
Advantages: Can buff the attacking and defensive capabilities of allies, making groups a lot more effective.
Disadvantages: Skills are team oriented, not very effective solo.

Vindicator (PvP Soul)
"Vindicators are nigh-unstoppable juggernauts of combat prowess. Emphasizing the Warrior’s combination of iron endurance and brutal strength, Vindicators devastate their enemies and defend their allies."

Choose this soul for PvP combat.