Combat & Interaction

Esc: Cancel Target
F1: Select Self
F2: Select Group Member 2
F3: Select Group Member 3
F4: Select Group Member 4
F5: Select Group Member 5
1-10,-,=: Use an ability in the Action Bar
Tab: Target Next Enemy
Shift + Tab: Target previous enemy
Ctrl  + Tab: Target next friendly
Shift + Ctrl + Tab: Target previous friendly
T: Auto Attack
F: Select Target of Target
Shift + F: Set Focus Target (When you have a target highlighted)
Shift + (1-6): Switch Action Bar
Z: Cycle Weapon
X: Sheathe/Unsheather Weapons
Ctrl + (1-0): Usees an ability in your pet's Action Bar
Alt + (1-8): Mark Target (Up to 8 marks)

Movement Commands

Q: Strafe Left
W: Forward
E: Strafe Right
A: Left
S: Backward
D: Right
V (hold): Look Behind
Space: Jump
Arrows: Move
Num Lock: Auto-run (toggle)
/: Walk/Run (toggle)
Alt + Z: Zoom

Chat Commands

Enter: Begin Message/Send Message/Exit Chat Line
R: Reply
Page Up: Page Up
Page Down: Page Down
Shift+Page Up: Jump to Top (chat window)
Shift+ Page Down: Jump to Bottom (chat window)

Character Management

Y: Raid Dialog
Ctrl + U: Toggle UI
O: Friends List
P: Abilities
G: Guild Window (If you are in a guild)
H: Achievements
K: Warfronts Queue Display
L: Quest Log
C: Character Sheet
B: All Bags
N: Soul Tree
M: Main Map
,: Crafting Interface
Esc: Close Interface Window / Game Options Menu
`: Warfront Summary
Shift + B: Primary Bag (leftmost bag)
Ctrl-F: Inventory Search

Mouse Controls

Both Buttons: Move
Right Button: Turn
Left Button: Orbit Camera around yourself
Wheel: Zoom
Left-click: Target a specific item, character, or creature
Right-click: Interact with world item, inventory item, or character