Rift Character Creation: Choosing your calling

Choose your Calling
Choosing your calling (or class) is an important decision that will determine your skills and abilities, equipment, and available souls.

This is the tank, melee class. Warriors can wear Plate Mail and specialize in melee combat. They build attack power to fuel their attacks. This class emphasizes on martial arts skills, although it is possible to weild magic as well.

Choose this class if you like close range, melee, combat.

This is the spellcaster, DPS class. You can only wear cloth armor, but you have powerful magic at your disposal. Mages rely on mana and charge to manage their attacks.

Choose this class if you like casting powerful spells.

This is the healing class. You can wear chainmail  wield a mace. Your spells are fueled with holy mana.

Choose this class if you like to play the healer.

This is the thief class. You can wear leather armor and wield light weapons, using them to deal powerful melee or ranged attacks.

Choose this class if you like to deal deadly damage against  single targets.

Customize your character appearance:
This is an important step as it will set how your character looks. Spend some times designing a character you like. Available customizations are:

Face Shape: Move the sphere in the triangle to choose your desired face shape.
Face Features: Use the slider to give your character facial features.
Eyes: Choose eyes color, and use the sliders to select the scale, rotation, and eyebrow styles for your eyes.
Nose: Using the sliders, set the nose size and tilt.
Mouth: Set the size of your mouth
Hair:  Select hair color, highlight color, and hair style.
Markings: Choose the color of the markings on your skin, and use the slider to choose the type of markings on your body.
Facial Hair: Choose the facial hair style you like.
Body: Set the skin color as well as your height.

You can also choose from a preset look, or click "Random" to randomize your character's looks.

Hold and drag to turn your character around to see how he looks from different angles.

Choose your name:

Select a name for your character. This is what your character will be known as throughout the world, so we recommend giving this some thought. You can also click on Random to get some naming ideas.

Congratulations, your character is now complete, hit "Next" and enjoy playing Rift!

Rift Character Customization