Rift Character Creation Guide

Choose your Shard

The first step is to choose your Shard (which is Rift's term for "Server", the world you will be playing in). If you have friends who play the game, make sure to talk to them so you will all join the same Shard and be able to play together. The types of shards are:
PvE (Player vs Environment): In this Shard, your main enemy are the computer controlled creatures. Most of the time you cannot attack other players and cannot be attacked by other players. Player vs Player combat is only allowed in Warfronts, when running into players from the opposing faction, and if you flag yourself for PvP.
PvP (Player vs Player): In this type of shard, you can attack and be attacked  by players of the other faction anytime and  anywhere in the world.
Roleplaying (RP): The options are PvE-RP and PvP-RP. On a Roleplaying server you are expected to stay in character. Naming rules are also more strict in this type of server.

**note: If this is your first time playing an MMORPG, we recommend you choose a PvE server.

Choose your Origin
Your Origin (or Faction) is an important choice that determines the quests you get, and your interaction with the world and with other players. Choose between a Guardian Character and a Defiant Character:
Guardians: These are the gods' chosen, resurrected to rescue the world from the corruption of the dragons. Guardians have a great destiny as a Celestial Hero.
Defiants: Defiants take fate into their own hands, turning away from the vigil to seek their own goals. They harness the essence of the planes to fuel magical technologies for defending the World of Telara.

** If you have friends whom you want to play together with, make sure you all choose the same faction. Otherwise, choose the one that sounds more attractive to you!

Choose your Race
Available races will differ depending on the Origin you selected in the previous step.

Guardian Races

"Long before it was destroyed by the shade, cold Mathosia was ever the home of the legendary heroes and warriors"

Mathosian Racial Abilities:
Motivational Roar (Instant, 2 min cooldown): Increases the movement speed of the Mathosian and nearby group members by 30% for 10 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.
Legacy of the Shade: Death resistance increased by 20.

High Elf: "The oldest of the races of Telara, the High Elves are the protectors of the land. Wise and skilled, their tranquil nature makes a ruthless dedication to the gods."

High Elf Racial Abilities:
Angelic Flight (30 meter range, instant, cooldown 15 seconds): Flys towards the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.
Grace of the Forest: Life resistance increased by 20

Dwarf: "Dwarves are known for their stolid and pragmatic nature, but are also a curious and creative people, masters of whatever craft they employ."

Dwarf Racial Abilities:
Destiny: Dwarves can fall twice the distance of other races
Miracle of Hammerknell: Water resistance increased by 20

Defiant Races

"The Eth rose up in the deserts of the south. A clever and resourceful race, they have a tradition of taming their environment with magic and technology"

Eth Racial Abilities:
Agility (Instant, cooldown: 2 mins): Increases movenemt speed by 70% for 15 seconds. This ability cannot be used in combat.
Desert Dweller's Birthright: Earth resistance increased by 20.

Kelari: "The elves of the lost Kelari Isles hae been tainted by generations of exposure to raw planar magic. Powerful spiritual mediums, the Kelari are a powerful but somewhat unpredictable race."

Kelari Racial Abilities:
Camouflage (Instant, 2 mins cooldown) The Kelari transforms into a fox for up to 30 seconds, decreasing the range at which enemies aggro them and despawning any pets the Kelari may have. This ability cannot be used in combat.
Legacy of the Fire Islands: Fire resistance increased by 20.

Bahmi: "These exotic tribesmen of the Rhaza'de Canyons are a hospitable race of strong, clever, people who excel both in the arts of war and crafts."

Bahmi Racial Abilities:
Mighty Leap: (30 meter range, instant, cooldown 15 seconds): Leaps at the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.
Shalastir Heritage: All resistance increased by 20.

Choose your Gender:
For each race, you can choose a male or female character. This does not affect any of the game mechanics, only how your character looks like.