You will find Milton waiting for you down by the docks, next to the ship. Talk to him to start the cutscene where the ship draws up on the Clockwork Island. You have been warned about Clockwork abominations. Here you learn a little more about Faraday. That he was more interested in making people happy than anything. It still remains mysterious as to why Logan had him taken away to Ravenscar Keep.

Follow Milton up the stairs, towards the entrance of the park itself. At the top of the stairs you will find a Clockwork Robot waiting for you. It introduces itself as Huxley and asks you, politely, to refrain from obscene language in front of the children. Huxley will ask you to follow it for the tour.

It leads you to a gate, opens it and shows you "The Land Of Tomorrow". Here, you will find a large number of Robots like Huxley walking around, enjoying the perfect life that Faraday Industries can provide. Keep on Huxley's tail and hear about what else it has to say. Follow it to the far gate. It is here that Faraday makes his announcement. He is none to happy about your visit to his island hideaway and is determined to answer your supposed violence against him with his own force. He unleashes a number of his Clockwork Robots against you, The Colin Mk. 2. Electricity is especially effective on these metal creations.

After you defeat his Creations, you will be prompted to find another way. Milton will begin to see what it was that prompted your brother to lock up Faraday. Turn around and head to the right, turning right again to go between the first two houses. Break the boards patched over the hole in the wall and head on through. Take a moment and look around this around, there is a break in the wall not too far from where Milton will suggest jumping down. Head through that gap to reach a treasure chest with some clothes in it. Head back to Milton and vault off the ledge to the area below.

Take a moment and look around this landing before jumping down. You will find a diary entry of Faraday's sitting on the crate near the broken section of railing. Grab it and hop down to ground level. Head through the open door to the left. After that, go to the right and follow the drained canal. Shortly, you will encounter a number of Clockwork Beetles who represent the cleaning and repair crew. Faraday again warns you to simply leave.

Following the Beetle's defeat, Milton suggest that Faraday is close by, perhaps in the factory whose door is open on the left side of the canal. Go up the steps and head in. Once you enter the factory, he will talk about never doing something. Things are finally revealed, that Faraday wanted to build dreams and honestly wanted to make people happy. Logan, on the other hand, wanted him to create a Clockwork Army to combat his rivals.Head through the factory as he talks, seeing all the robots. There is nothing else for now, just walking along the path in front of you.

Hop off the platform exiting the factory into another canal. Follow it to the left. You will find a short, cute scene where a Robot is playing with a dog. They will explode and Faraday will lament turning more of his into abominations of war to ward you off.

Head into the open doors on the left side of the canal, into another factory. Following the scene that occurs, you will find yourself facing down a number of clockwork creations. After the dust settles, head to the back left of the factory. You dog will likely lead you there, to find the second diary entry of Faraday. Now, head up the stairs behind you. Follow them to the top and keep to the high road across the top of a few buildings. You will encounter another horde of Clockwork creations.

After you wade through them, take the stairs going up on the right-hand side.Look at the large crates near the entrance to this catwalk to find another of Faraday's diaries. Follow this path and open the gate. There is a chest sitting in plain sight, after that, head on. A cutscene will ensue with Faraday appearing, knocking out Milton and leaving you to face this Clockwork Horror alone. He will call on hordes of his creations, beetles and dogs mostly. As you damage it though he will unveil that the suit has limited spell abilities, throwing lightning and fire at you. He will throw up to four blasts of any particular nature. Try to dodge them and attack him in the openings he offers you. After he really speaks again, he will call on his Clockwork Robots.  He will continue to fire with Lightning and Fire. Only a few more hits and he will go down.

You will be given the choice to either spare or kill him. Either way, you get the "Science and Industry" achievement. If you spare him, he will remain at the Keep only until his wounds heal. After that, he will regain his freedom and his industry.