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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 82 – Naval Contracts Part 3
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 12/27/2013
A series of articles covering Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This covers the naval contracts "Blind Justice", "The Final Conflict " and "Blind Justice"  with Edward Kenway.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Part 82 – Naval Contracts Part 3

Naval Contract 8: “Blind Justice”
Unlock: Fort Navassa
Reward: 1,800 R
Difficulty: 4/5

Circle the 3 brigs and exploit their blind spots. You want to approach them from the stern. That will make it easy to quickly dispatch them with mortar fire and heavy shot. Be sure to stay out of their detection range.  They should be severely damaged by the time they are turned around or sunk.

With the escort dealt with you have the Man O' War to deal with now. Move to the edge of the island. Wait there and fire on the Man O' War using the the mortar. If it is also returning Mortar fire, then go around the corner and start in on it directly. Just level it with intense heavy shot and mortar fire. Then board and claim your prize.

Naval Contract 9: “The Final Conflict”
Unlock: Complete The Law of the Ocean
Given: Fort Serranilla
Reward: 2,400 R
Difficulty: 5/5

This mission is only available after you complete all the other naval contracts. This will send you on an escort mission to protect the Hollander. There are 3 waves of ships you need to defend it from. The first is already assaulting it. This one consist of 2 Gunboats and 2 schooners. A few shots from the Jackdaw should be able to deal with them quickly. The second wave is a bit more difficult with a frigate and 2 brigs. Just stay close to the Hollander and lure in your prey. The final wave is the hardest with 2 frigates and a Man O' War. The best thing to do is open with mortar fire and keep things aggressive from there. Take them down and you are done with the naval contracts.

Naval Contract 10: “Realities of War”
Unlock: Complete The Law of the Ocean
Given: Fort Conttoyor
Reward: 2,400 R
Difficulty: 5/5

Head to the Northwest from Fort Conttoyor. There you will find the 2 ships the Jackdaw is allying with for this venture. Head over to them and join with them. As they move, keep with the 2 ships. It is only a short distance away you will find the first wave of the attack.

The initial assault is 2 brigs that come at your trio. Engage them with basic tactics. Move in, fire off some chain shot, potentially ram them, then fire a heavy shot broadside. Remember that you have to sink the ships, however, they can all be boarded. This lets you claim their cargo, repair the Jackdaw and keep up your ammunition stocks without too much special effort.

The second wave has much more of a challenge. It has 2 brigs and a Man O War. Focus on the Man O War first move in and stun it with Chain Shot with some quick follow ups of heavy shots and broadsides. Keep on the move. If you can get a Mortar round or two off on the Man O War, all the better for the heavy damage it can inflict. If things start to look bad, break off from the man o war and engage the brigs. Quickly disable them and board them. Use them as emergency supplies if you are not quite up to par with the man o war.