Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry Walkthrough Part 7 – "The Wellington Plantation"

Head over to the nearby island of Scafell if possible to save a lot on Travel Time. From there just make the short trek over to the Wellington Plantation at 205,148. The problem you will encounter here is the Man O' War in front of the plantation. There is little choice but to fight it or try to lure it away. If the Expecto Crede is close to fully upgraded, then you have a chance to take it down. Otherwise, take some time to upgrade your ship to be ready for this challenge. Once oyu have the Man O War dealt with you need to get ashore.

The Wellington Plantation has you looking for the key holder if you arrive at night. Make your way up to the far Western portion of the Plantation. There are a lot of different Stalking Zones to make this easier. If you have some Resistance fighters then clearing out all the Overseers is not much of a problem. When you make it to the Western part use Eagle Vision to locate the Key Holder. Either kill him or pickpocket him to get the key. After that you just need to get to the 3 Slave pens in the area. Take your time to move to each carefully in turn. As it is night you do not need to worry about slaves getting killed by Overseers. Just go around the plantation and kill off all the overseers you can now.

When all the slave pens have been released then you can move forward with the next memory in the sequence. Be sure to take some time to finish upgrading the Expecto Crede. There is going to be some need of it in just exploration. The more you have upgraded, the easier it will be to free slaves from the galleys sent.