Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Freedom Cry Walkthrough Part 5 – Shipwreck

There is only one shipwreck in this DLC and it is unnamed. From the Diving Bell go straight down There is a chest none too far from it to the North. Now head to the Southeast and open the chest that sits just past the small bit of wreckage. Now head to the North again and use one of the air barrels. After that go on through the cave to the North.

Head on through the cave until the large chamber. There you will want to turn to the right and lunge upwards, get along the roof of it. There is a Moray Eel lingering just by the entrance of the area you are after. Now Keep to the right and swim through the rest of the cave. Adewale is likely getting in dire need of air. When you make it into the next chamber there are a pair of Air Barrels right by the entrance to it. Use either one then you can start exploring it.

Once again, below the barrel you will find a chest. Head to the North end of the wreckage. You will see a Jellyfish there. Below it is the final chest. Just to the left of that you will find the firgurehead of the sunken ship. Now you just need to make it back to the Diving Bell.

Refill your air and then swim on through the cavern again. Keep low until you are in the cavern as there is a shark around. Once inside just follow the cavern back to the main area. From there just head on through to the left, mindful of the Moray Eel in the second chamber, to make it back to the Diving Bell. It is revealed that the ship was the Jackdaw.