Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry Walkthrough Part 4 – Lifting The Veil

Optional Objectives:
Kill the Overseer who led the slaves
Liberate slaves from the slave barracks

Bastienne and Adewale exchange words and she then sets him off on a task to find out more on the Governor. This involves a disguise and a striping down of your weapons. There are plenty that can be found on site. Follow Bastienne as she leads you to where the supplies are. From there just get through the cutscene then follow the men inside the governor's grounds. Head to the front of the mansion and drop the crates where prompted. After that follow the men over to the Slave Barracks. Once there go to the marker to complete this part of the memory.

Things will fast forward to nighttime now. Be sure, as you take down guards to loot their bodies as it will prove very helpful toward the end of the memory. Watch from the corner to study the one guard who is looking in the bushes. Wait for him to move away. Now head into those bushes. Wait for the guard to come back and lure him in with a whistle. Ambush him from the Stalking Zone and grab his sword. Move to the South toward the entrance of the compound. Use Eagle Vision to find the Overseer you are looking for. Be sure you have a sword in hand. Move in on him when he separates from his companion. Now just get behind him and take him down. It is suggested to grab the body and throw it into the Stalking Zone in the Southern corner of this area.

With the Overseer dealt with you want to head to the Southeast. Climb over the wall there and drop into the Stalking Zone beyond it. Take care of the Captain who is standing by the Stalking Zone then continue to the Southeast over the short wall into the next Stalking Zone. Wait for the next pair of guards to finish talking and then take down the one who goes Northward with a whistle and a Stalking Zone take down. After that climb up the closest side of the house and get onto the balcony. There Adewale will trigger the first eavesdrop. Follow them along the side of the house using the overhang.

When the eavesdrop is done, turn to the East and go to the marked hiding spot. Once you make it into the hiding spot you will immediately need to get into the Stalking Zone by the house. The second part of the eavesdrop follows. Keep in the Stalking Zone and move carefully just behind the Governor and Godin. They will go around to the front of the mansion. Move into the Stalking Zone right by the steps leading to the front door. Just wait for the eavesdrop to finish.

When the eavesdrop is done, you have one more optional objective available. You need to make your way back to the Slave Barracks. What the captain has passed, slip along the side of the fence to the North and make your way back to where you started this stealth section. When you get to the entrance of the Slave Barracks, stand so you can alert an overseer. Before he fully recognizes Adewale, duck into the nearby Stalking Zone. This will lure him out. From there lure him in to the Stalking Zone and take him down. Now move carefully up the corner of the entrance. There is an Overseer leaning against the pillar. Take him down then attend to the final guard to free the slaves.

Retrace the steps you took to get up onto the side of the mansion. Instead of climbing onto the mansion, instead continue to the Southeast. Look for a rock up against the wall. Use that to get over the wall through the break in the iron topping. From there is just a short run over to the Brothel and Bastienne to finish the memory.