Assassin's Creed 4 – Jackdaw Weapons

Like any good pirate ship, the Jackdaw can be improved. She starts with limited firepower and only a few weapons. Over the game you will find more armaments that will transform her into a floating fortress to be feared throughout the seas.

Cannon Shot:
Round Shot – Unlimited Ammo, Range: 0-250
Available from the start, this is your go to for most naval engagements. This must be manually aimed to be used. Just be sure that your target is either in or just trailing the targeting lines. The damage will increase as more cannons are added to the ship & the shot is upgraded.

Heavy Shot – Purchased: 900 R, Range: 0-150
Available via the Upgrade menu, this is a much stronger, though short range, shot for the Jackdaw's cannons. This ammo can be used by “Blind firing” toward your target. Be sure you are close, if not right alongside your target. Damage can be improved via upgrading

Forward Armaments
Swivel Gun -  Unlimited Ammo, Range: 0-300
Available from the start, the swivel cannon lets you aim for specific vulnerabilities. Simply hold Up on the D-pad to aim and release it to fire. A fine alternate while the cannons are being reloaded or you have a specific place to fire. Damage and maximum number of weak points increases with upgrades.

Chase Cannons:
Located on the bow of the ship. The number can be increased through upgrades.

Chain Shot – Unlimited Ammo, Range: 0-350
Available from the start. This is a low damage stun shot. It will slow your targets and reduce their fighting ability while you are maneuvering for a better position. This is the better way to handle a ship that poses a significant threat in terms of a broadside.

Mortar: Purchased: 800R, Range: 150-500
This is a very powerful and long range weapon. It has a burst effect on impact. Look at the red targeting zone to see just how many you can get into a single shot. Remember this is a delay between firing and impact. Lead your targets.

Fire Barrels – Via Upgrade menu,Range 40-55
Available from the start. This barrels are launched from the back of the Jackdaw. This will explode as soon as a ship comes into contact with them (including the Jackdaw). You can also explode them with a careful shot from the Swivel Cannons. They will explode and damage any ship within range.

Ram: 500R & 25 Wood
Sail directly into your target. The greater your speed before impact, the more damage you will inflict.