Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep Walkthrough Sidequests Part 8 – Mines of Avarice

The Beard Makes The Man
Talk with Claptrap anytime after you have talked with him about the Dwarven Rune magic. He wants you to help him “grow” a beard. As a robot he is incapable of growing a beard. Because of this he wants you to go and collect pieces of dwarven beard for him to make into one for himself. He will give you the Grog Nozzle, a mission-specific gun (worth holding onto) to get the dwarves drunk and lure them into a nearby crusher.

Head over to the West to the marked search area. You will find a number of dwarves ready to kill you. Hit them with the Grog Nozzle then lure them up to the machine you see at the top of the area. When they are between the walls, hit the button to smash them and collect your new beard pieces. These can be done by shooting them (or at them) with any weapon that you have. If you want to complete the optional objective, then be sure to equip the Grog Nozzle and start firing away at them. If you want to keep the Grog Nozzle, just stop here and ignore the rest.

Once the 5 pieces of dwarven beard have been collected it is time to forge a new beard for Claptrap. Head on over toward the forge, where you found the Cube Puzzle. From where you were killing Dwarves head over to the East and fight your way back through to the Gilded Forge. Once there just go up to the highlighted forge and place the beard on it. A hammer will lower for you to strike the beards with. After that Claptrap will call on you to return to him. Give him the beard and he will feel the power. Now you have the option to turn the mission in.

Reward: $6,502, XP: 2150

My Kingdom For A Wand
Claptrap now gives you his magic wand which is out of magic (you will need an Explosive-type and Shock-type weapon for this mission). He wants you to jam it into numerous magical creatures and then kill them so their blood will charge up the wand. The first target is a golem: for stability. Head to the  South of Claptrap to find a Golem. Equip an explosive weapon and blast away the powered up Golem.

The second target is a Spider: for flexibility. Pull out a Shock-type weapon and head toward the entrance of the mines. Just jump off the side and run over to the starting area. Kill off the other orcs and spiders then focus on the Magical Spider. Use your shock-type weapon to tear through its shield then the spider itself.

The third, and final, target is an Orc. Head for Camp Dwarf Torture. Clear out the other Orcs and then find the Magical Orc sitting in the search area. Jam the wand into him. This one you need to kill with a Critical Hit: shoot him in the face. After that just run back to Claptrap and give him his wand to complete the quest.

Reward: $13,005, XP: 4301