Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep Walkthrough Sidequests Part 4 – Flamerock Refuge (Part 3)

Roll Insight
This quest is available after you complete “Role-Playing Game”. Head over to the Eastern portion of Flamerock Refuge. There you will find Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby. Talk with him to get the quest. He will pose a riddle to you: “I am everyone and no one. Everywhere … Nowhere. What am I?” The troop will roll their insight at Tina request. Brick slams his die down on the board and it squashes the figurine of Sir Bartlesby. Claim your reward from the die in front of you.

Rewards: $6,502, XP: 2150

The Sword In The Stoner
This quest is available after you complete, “Anger, Denial and Initiative”. Head over to Roland who has taken up a position inside Flamerock. He wants you to go and find a Golem with a sword in its back. This creation is out on the Unassuming Docks of Little Importance so head on out there.

Once on the Docks set off to the South. There are a number of Skeletons and Golems fighting along the way. You can either fight on through them or just ignore them and run straight on through. This the Vault Hunter to the Relatively Untravelled Shoreline. Fight on though to the Temple of Self-Importance. Head on inside to begin the fight. It looks like the golem is sleeping to begin with. Head on over to the sword and grab it. This will trigger the fight itself.

The Unmotivated Golem becomes a Motivated Golem. Time for a fight. It has many of the same attacks as the golems you encountered here. It does not seem like to ground bash attack does damage but just knocks the Vault Hunter into the air. If you can get behind some cover then you will avoid the attack. It is a good idea to find a portion of wall and duck in and out from behind it to take on this foe. When you do knock this golem down, run over to its corpse and yank on the sword. This will pull it some of the way out but then the sword will revive him.

The Motivated Golem is now the Perturbed Golem. This one will use the Fist Throw attack that it was not using before. Once again, use cover to avoid its ground slam and rock throw attacks. The Golem also moves a bit faster. When it goes down, head over to it and pull on the sword once more. It does not come all the way out but it is almost there.

The Peturbed Golem is now an Enraged Golem. Its damage is up as well as its speed. It is moving a lot faster now. The ground slam seems to get a bit bigger as well. It will also gain a charge attack where it will rush you from across the arena. Just watch for it to lower its shoulder to know it is coming.

Rewards: XP: 4301 Purple Shotgun: SWORDSPLOSION!!!