Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep Walkthrough Part 4 – Anger, Denial, Initiative (Part 2)

Head on through the doorway that you have opened and it is back to following the Queen's Trail of Jewels. You are now in the Immortal Woods. Go straight forward to find the first of the jewels. To the right just after the first jewel you will find some chests, the Fast Travel Station and the Vending Machines. Stock up and get ready to for the next section. In the meantime listen to Mordy, Lilith and Tina talking about Bloodwing.

Head on down the slope to the trail ahead and you will find some Knights. As expected they are armored so pull out your corrosive weaponry to tear through them faster. They have some back up from Longbow men who will fire into the knight's melee assault. Just continue forward to the Northeast after that along the edge of the trail. As you get to the next intersection of the trail to the North you will encounter more Skeletons. Among them is a Towering Skeleton which is quite hard to miss. It has some Skeleton Halfings backing it up. Think of them as midget that are throwing axes at you. Take them out after the Towering as the big Skeleton can do massive damage without too much effort. After the fight cross the bridge to the North to find the second jewel in the trail. On far side of the bridge you will find a new foe: Basilisk. They will slither up and start biting at you or spit acid, so nothing too horrid. Take them out and get to the marker.

This jewel sits at the entrance to a cavern. Davlin is there waiting for you. Follow him inside and start down the slope into the depths of it. Once again you will find a dead end but to the right is more writing. Davlin reads it and it talks about needing The White Knight to open the way forward. Time to find Roland as you can in this game.

Head on out of the cave and back across the bridge. Head into the cemetery to the South and then break off to the Northeast where you see the up-slope. There are plenty of Skeletons to deal with so be ready when you enter the vicinity. Get through the short tunnel and you will arrive at a base of a shrine. Look around to the small green flames to spawn Shrines using your spare Eridium. Stock up as needed then head up the steps to find Roland, the White Knight.

Just after he is introduced you are attacked by a pair of Red Dragons. These flying terrors are nothing to laugh at. You need to kill 3 of them and they do not touch down at all. They move slower then a buzzard which is helpful. They will also stop and hover at times. Take advantage of that to blast them with whatever you can. Remember they are Red Dragons so they take reduced Fire-Type Damage (therefore avoid it). One of the 2 blimps you shot down will also come crashing onto the scene so be wary of that and duck into the tunnel you passed through for a minute.

After the Vault Hunter has taken down 2 Dragons then the third dragon will really move in. This is a Blue unlike the other 2. Avoid using Shock-Type weaponry but unload with everything else. It can be a long fight so keep that Ammo Shrine in mind in case you run low on anything. Remember to lead your shots and aim for the head when you can.

After you finally take down the dragon you just need to talk with Roland to get him moving toward the tunnel that leads to the queen again. Just follow Roland back through the cemetery and across the bridge and down the tunnel. Roland will clear the way. Follow both him and Davlin through toward the Tree Of Life.