Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon's Keep Walkthrough Part 3 – Anger, Denial, Initiative (Part 1)

Head into the forest. It starts off as the Forest of Tranquility then Brick complains some and the forest quickly changes from nice and green to dark and grey quickly. Drop down the ledge to get at the Vending Machines in front of you. Restock then head on down the path in front of you. Tina will come up with a new name for the forest: “The Forest Of Being Eaten Alive By Trees”. Continue down the path and you will encounter a Treant: an animated Tree. A few more quickly appear as you encounter the first. Kill it off, preferably with Fire, and deal with the rest.

After the fight head southward across the bridge. You will find a jewel that seems to be marking a trail. Head to the left of the slope you see in front of you. As you pass it, dealing with your wooden foes, Handsome will contact you and tell you of the origin of this forest. A short walk leads you right to the next jewel. The following one is ahead to the right.

Continue on forward and you will find the next jewel just to the left of the fencing at the intersection you come across. If you go beyond the fence and explore over to the right you will find some Ultra Mega Badass trents that can one shot even the hardiest and well shielded Vault Hunters. Avoid them until Tina can balance them and then you can take them down. If you go that way and win the combat head to the East afterward to find the third jewel on the path.

Head on forward along the path to the South after that. You will begin to encounter Spiders. These are nasty little things if they get close enough to really do a lot of damage. Just head on forward toward the next marker to find Darvin the Gatekeeper again. He will proclaim that you are at a dead end. To move forward you will need to find the way through this block. Follow him to the right-hand side of the door and wait for him to translate the writing there.

You now need to collect 3 Blood Fruits. Head down the cliff to the small cluster of huts below. Here you will be facing a number of Orcs. They are the hardier, more Brutish new foe. They will not shoot you as much as smash your face in. Fight them off and press on toward the Southern part of the map where the marker is.

As you get to the end of the village head up the slope and over to the right. You will see a root coming down from the right that you will want to run up. This leads to a pool of blood you need to cross. On the far side of it you will find the search area for the first of the Blood Fruits. Pick it and then a Treant will appear with the other 2. Quickly kill it as Tina realizes she forgot to mention the blood fruits grew on the Trents. You can simply grab the fruit and then start running away but where is the fun in that? It is a tougher Treant.

Head down the slope and back through the now vacant Orc Village. Get over to the door and talk with Davin again. He will tell you to smear the Fruit on the glyphs at the base of the stairs. Head up them and through the door once it opens. It is back to following the Queen's trail into the Immortal Woods.