The Last Of Us Walkthrough Part 36 – Chapter 5: Pittsburgh (Financial District)

Once Joel is on the ground start out over to the Right. Listen Mode is your best friend right now so use it to track your foes. Keep to the outside to avoid being spotted. Break to the right after the Hunters initially spread out and wait for the Hunter to pass between the t-bar barriers and the van. Move up behind him and take him down. Quickly get from there into the River's Cafe. Go over to the right and watch for the Hunter in Red patrolling the area. Get behind him and take him down. After that search the counter-top for some Crafting Items then head through the doorway behind the counter to the right. Search the back room to the right as well then head back to the main part of the Cafe and go up the stairs and exit to the right. On the upper level continue to the right using the planks to cross over to the next building. Move toward the front of the building and wait for the Hunter to have his back to you. When he does, move in for the kill. Otherwise head into the office behind him and use some of that time to loot it for Crafting Items that sit around the center of it.

Drop back down to the level below using the alleyway between the Cafe and the adjacent building. While this is quicker it does hurt Joel. It is recommended to head back into the River Cafe and then take the stairs down and enter the kitchen of the adjacent building: Don Fiocchi Subs. Just be sure to check, using Listen Mode, to find the Hunter who is patrolling around there. Wait in the kitchen for him and take him down once he is in the back portion of it. After that go into the freezer to the right of the door leading toward the front of the store and look on the floor. You will find an artifact: “Fireflies Note”. With that in hand head for the front of the store. Go up to the front windows then turn and face the counter. Lob a brick or a bottle into the back room when the Hunter outside is nearby. This will lure one of them into the sub shop where Joel can take him down without worry of being noticed. Quickly replace the bottle and head over to the left-hand side of the Sub Shop. Lob the bottle against the outside  of the Cafe when the next Hunter is nearby to lure him there. Once again, take him down. There are only a one Hunter to deal with. Head into the Bank on the far side of the area and search around it for the next Hunter. Track him down and take him out.

With that group wiped out 4 more Hunters will make their appearance. They are immediately on guard as they find the dead bodies strewn about the area. Make for the center of the area immediately. You can either engage them in a fire fight or attempt a few more Stealth kills. Using the planters in the middle of the area makes getting a few more stealth kills possible but it does eventually break down into a fight. Keep at things until those Hunters are down.

Ellie will come and join Joel on the ground now. Joel will give Ellie a smaller, easier to use gun and then they are ready to start moving again. Head over to the body hanging from the tree to have a quick conversation with Ellie. Head to the truck after that and search the table by it to find some Parts on a table. With all that in hand make for the gate and interact with it to move on.