The Last Of Us Walkthrough Part 31 – Chapter 5: Pittsburgh (Hotel Grand: Entry to Floor 2)

Head across the wrecks of the vehicles and through the busted out window to get into the hotel. Drop down to the ground and head over to the right. Go to the far end of the counter that you see there to find some Supplements. Go around to the other side of the counter to find some Crafting Items and head into the next portion of it to find a few more and a safe. The note with the combination is not too far away so keep it in mind.

Head over to the left now, first toward the main staircase but break over to the left and toward the ATM when you can. Continue to the left until you find a Coffee Bar. Grab the Crafting Items on the counter in front then go over to the Espresso Machine and interact with it for a quick conversation. Now head over to the scaffolding you passed on the way over here. Look around to find a ladder leaning against a portion of it. Grab it and take it around to the other side of the scaffolding. Place it there and climb up it to find some more Parts. Follow that up with taking it over to next wall with the “Hard Hat Area” sign on it. Climb up there and go to the right toward what is left of the stairs. Joel will sidle along part of the ruins and move it over to the opposite side of the mezzanine level. Look for the elevators and the open suitcase in front of them. There you can find an artifact: “Note To Staff”. Grab it to get the combination for the Safe you found below. Backtrack to the safe and open it up to get the second Manual for Shivs. This gives your Shivs another Hit. After that climb back up the ladder.

After going up the ladder wait a minute for Ellie to say something about puns. Go over to her and interact with her to unleash the Puns again. Listen to them all then go on over to the left and up the stairs there. Use them to get up to the second floor.

Go over to the right from there and hop through the open window there. Drop into a crouch now as there are Hunters you need to deal with now. If you make much noise here you will call in at least 6 Hunters, at least 2 of which have guns.. Head over to the window on the left and listen into the Hunters as they talk about checking the rest of the hotel for Infected. Now head for the second open window to the right and take cover at the next doorway. Wait here for a while as a Hunter will coming in this direction. Once his does, wait for him to pause then sneak up behind him and drag him around the corner to the right. Once there in take him out.

Head back out onto the rooftop and go to the window you listened to the conversation at. Hop into the room and duck behind the dresser. Wait here for the next Hunter and take him out. With him down search the dresser whatever it will yield. Quickly search the bathroom after that for more Crafting Items. Remember to keep in a crouch to avoid alerting them all.

With number 2 down head into the hallway and cross it. Use Listen Mode to track down and watch the third Hunter in the area. When he crosses your path, grab him, drag him into the room quickly and take him out. After that search the room for its bathroom to find more supplies. Head back to the hallway and head down the length of it, watching for the next Hunter. This is the last one on the floor so move up quietly behind him after some observation and take him down.

With the Hunters dead head back to the room where you took down the second Hunter, “204” and cross through it to the patio outside it. Go over to the right to find more Crafting Items then head to the left and through the window there next to the green smiley face on the wall. Search the dresser then climb up the stack of furniture to reach the third floor.