Explore Arkham Island
(10 Feat Points)
Explore Arkham Island in Gotham
  • Asylum Botanical Garden
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Island Dock
  • D'Angelo Sewage Treatment Plant
Explore Robinson Park
(10 Feat Points)
Explore Robinson Park in Gotham
  • Reservoir-side Gazebo
  • The Forum of the 12 Caesars
  • The Pillars of Hades
Explore the Otisburg District
(10 Feat Points)
Explore the Otisburg district in Gotham
  • Stagg Enterprises Gotham HQ
  • GCPD 12th Precinct
  • Monarch Playing Card Company
  • 15 Kane Street (Abandoned)
  • Gotham Light and Power
  • Knightsdome Sporting Complex
  • Millicent Mayne Plaza
  • Ace Chemicals
  • Amusement Mile
Explore the Burnley District
(10 Feat Points)
Explore the Burnley district in Gotham
  • Gotham University
  • Von Gruenwald Tower
  • WGTU Radio
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Gotham Mercy General Hospital
  • Giordano Botanical Gardens
  • Burnley Freight Yards
  • Gotham Arms Apartments
Explore the East End
(10 Feat Points)
Explore Gotham's East End
  • Original Wayne Enterprises Building
  • Ellis Memorial Convalescent Home
  • Cape Carmine Lighthouse
  • LexCorp Reclamation Project
  • Malone Improvement District
  • East End Free Clinic
  • The Bowery
  • Old Soder Cola Plant
  • Crime Alley
Explore Old Gotham
(10 Feat Points)
Explore the Old Gotham District
  • GCPD Headquarters
  • Courthouse
  • Clocktower
  • Gotham City Hall
  • Cathedral Square
Explore the Diamond District
(10 Feat Points)
Explore the Diamond district in Gotham
  • Wayne Enterprises
  • R.H. Kane Building
  • One Gotham Center
  • Iceberg Lounge
Explore Gotham Chinatown
(10 Feat Points)
Explore Gotham's Chinatown district
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Chinese Cultural Center
Visit the Wayne Memorial
(10 Feat Points)
Visit the Wayne Memorial in Crime Alley

Find the Bat-Signal
(10 Feat Points)
Find the Bat-Signal in East End Gotham