“It's Chud-nof-sky” The Green Hornet Reviewed

If there was one kind of Super Hero action movie we were missing, we have it now. With a delightful mixture between action and comedy this movie gives you a pleasant experience while still keeping you amusement. With Seth Rogen co-writing the script and rising star Jay Chou playing Kato, the movie offered something for the movie going crowd while they wait for a number of other super hero movies.

This movie delivers on the promises of action while retaining the qualities that one would expect from Seth Rogen. It is not the deepest movie and good for some laughs. Most of the characters will not be too deep but their antics are something to behold. Chudnofsky offered a number of entertaining moments simply because of his view of things. Being of an older generation of Mafia, he held a number of different views from the modern day. Still, seeing it play out as it did in the movie, mixed with the actions of the Green Hornet Team, made for some good times.

The story of the movie is very simple. Britt is shown to be the expectantly spoiled child of a media empire who has misplaced intentions at times. For the first part of the movie you just see him partying and enjoying many creature comforts. One slowly sees him come to understand things and the consequences of his actions and set out to do more good by being evil. Kato, we learn about through things he explains to us, giving up little tidbits about his history over the course of the movie. We get to see him grow in a more limited sense, just coming into his place as the Green Hornet's aide. Still, Kato shows on more than one occasion he is the muscle of the team. While more guarded, he is an interesting character to see on the screen. This is not quite a movie you could write a book about but it does make for a good conversation.

This movie is a fun little experience clocking at just under two hours. If you want to grab a flick that's sure to at least lighten up some of your day, this is a good film to drop into. You can skip on the 3D experience though, you won't really miss out on much.