Dead Island: Riptide Walkthrough Part 33 –  Two Shores (Wayne)

As you emerge, Wayne will be mutated because of his infection and the chemicals he was exposed to in the crossing through the tunnels. The team is together once again and to start things off you need to go up against Wayne who seems to have mutated into a Wrestler. He is very powerful and has a good collection of your regular Zombies around him just to make matters worse. When you are ready to fight him just climb on up the ladders and head for the break that is in the middle of the raised platform. Once you go in you cannot come out until you have dealt with Wayne. Pull out your new Shotgun and make sure you have your assault rifle as well. It is time to just set into the monsters and deal with them

First, with Mutated Wayne, do not let him hit you. If you are lucky you will survive by the skin of your teeth but generally it is a Two Hit Kill. He also has a slam attack which does area damage so be warned about it.  It will also knock you down and with the horde around you, that can very easily lead to your death. He is only aided, thankfully, by Walkers. This makes just dealing with the accompanying horde a lot easier. Grenades and other explosives should be used carefully because of how much you would generally want to move during the fight. Still they are some of the best options against the horde you have to deal with.

Still, there is one advantage you can find in this area. There are a number of wheels you can turn that will release an extended burst of steam onto the battle field. This does good damage against the horde that is with Wayne and notable damage to Wayne himself. This gives you a way to set up a circuit you can run which will let you. Start with the wheel just ahead of where you land to the left. Run over to it and give it a spin. It will start its burst of steam just in front of you. It will ignite Wayne and the other zombies rushing you from that direction. Now start running over to the right, hugging the wall. You will see a beam rising up from the ground to the roofing above. On the other side of it you will find the second wheel. Give it a turn then head over to the left. You will find the next wheel just on the opposite side of the other beam. This sets up for a good duo of steam blasts to do some nice damage. It does expose you to a lot of zombies but if you can take them down quickly then you will be in good shape to just run around Wayne and chip his health down like that.

When the fighting is all done just exit through the now opening fencing. Talk with Hardy and you will get the next story mission. It will be a while before you can fast travel again so put those other quests on hold for now.