**This guide is a constantly evolving work in progress. New briefing location sites are added as they are discovered. You can contribute more briefing locations by adding a comment**

Little Bohemia

Braniac Incursion
Braniac Incursion: Vicki Vale (1/4): Braniac Incursion Area, Roof of Damaged Building. screen1|screen2|screen3|map
Braniac Incursion: Lois Lane (2/4): SE part of map, SW of Metropolis U, building south of pizzeria, near SW entrance stairs screen|map
Braniac Incursion: Branaic (3/4): Braniac Incursion Area, top of damaged roof, near broken pillar, just south of bridge screen|map
Braniac Incursion: Branaic (4/4): Roof garden across Elecron Building, To the East of Metropolis PD, Between Police Station and Metropolis General Hospital. screen|map

Legacy of Krypton Episode 1 (Prize: LexCorp Recruit's Readbreather)
Krypton I: Lois Lane (1/6): South Metropolis University, roof of building to the south of gold statue with globe. screen|map
Krypton I: Lois Lane (2/6): SE edge of Little Bohemia, east of Metropolis University, edge of map, SW of water fountains, across blue "Cafe" sign, near mailboxes. screen|map
Krypton I: Vicki Vale (3/6): Go to far east of map, north edge, building with two water fountains, near the fountain. screen|map
Krypton I: Jack Ryder (4/6): Top roof on center of Metropolis U University, near fans/ducts screen/map
Krypton I: Lex Luthor (5/6): NE of Metropolis U, under pillar base of monorail. screen|map
Krypton I: Superman (6/6): Go to top of Bell Tower east of Metropolis U, then on the east side of the building one roof down. screen|map

Legacy of Krypton: Episode 2
Krypton II: Jack Ryder (4/6): Alley between two buildings to the south of Metropolis General Hospital screen|map

University of Metropolis
U of Metropolis: Meta (1/4): SE part of the map, Alley between to buildings to the south of Pizzeria. screen|map
U of Metropolis: Business (2/4): SE edge of map, behind Ice Cream shop, side where garbage cans are. screen|map
U of Metropolis: MetroDome (3/4): Center of Metropolis University, roof one level up screen|map
U of Metropolis: Genes (4/4): NW edge of Far east side of the map, find stairs leading to beach, park with water fountain. screen|map