**This guide is a constantly evolving work in progress. New investigation location sites are added as they are discovered. You can contribute more investigation locations by adding a comment**

Little Bohemia

Against the HIVE
Hive Swarmer Training Manual (1/6): In western end of park one block south of Metropolis General Hospital. screen|map

The Doctor is In
Psionicist's Brain Sample Container (1/6): SW Coutrtyard of Metropolis General Hospital. screen|map

Gorilla Bomb Components
Chromosome 2 Diffuser Node (2/6): Roof of building with Stacy's Posters a few blocks south of police station screen|map
Simium-Infused Chasis (3/6): To the East of the Queensland Boardwalk sign. Screenshot|Map
Simium-231 Reactor Core (4/6): Southbank Merchant District, in front of blue "Cafe" sign, near telephone booths. screen|map
Psionics-Sensitive Detonator (5/6): SW edge of Little Bohemia, Far south of Boardwalk, on top of building with "Bessolo" Sign. screen|map

LexCorp Genome Database (Prize: Genelord's Locket)
UCATA3 Metagene (1/7): North of Metrpolis University, across Library. screen|map
GDSC1 Metagene (2/7): On park east of Metropolis University, near golden statue holding globe. screen|map
LT17 Metagene (3/7): Near building eastern edge of map east of Metropois University, across appliances shop. screen|map
CCS2 Metagene (4/7): Near South Metropolis University, small park, near fenced water/gas tank. screen|map
HACT1 Metagene (5/7): Center of Metropolis U, on roof. screen|map
SRMF6 Metagene (6/7): SE edge of Little Bohemia, east of Metropolis University, edge of map, behind liquor bar, near water fountains. screen|map
HSFP Metagene (7/7): North and Northeast of Metropolis University, behind building, near edge of map. screen|map


Crystalline Soul Fragments
Annihilated Soul Fragment (1/6): Chinatown North District across hotel, west of food market. screen|map
Smoking Soul Fragment (3/6): Inside Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop, in last room. screen|map|map2