Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Kanto Walkthrough Part 39 -  Route 20

Head to the right. Just about the center is the first trainer on the route. This is Swimmer Frankie with his Azumarill lvl. 44. Keep going to the right. Head down a little to hop onto the sandbar to find another Trainer Bird Keeper Bert with his Wingull lvl. 46 and Fearow lvl. 43.Straight to the right on the sandbar is the second trainer on the sandbar, Picnicker Cheyenne. He has Shinx lvl. 45. The last one on the sandbar is Bird Keeper Ernie with his Starly lvl. 48. Just above, in the water is another Swimmer, Mina with Luvdisc lvl. 38, lvl. 39 and lv. 41. Head to the right of the sand bar for the last of the trainers on Route 20. The first is Swimmer Leona with her Bidoof lvl. 44. The second stands right at the entrance of the Seaform Island. This is Picnicker Adrian with Shroomish lvl. 45.

Welcome to the Seaform Islands. It's time for a little exploration.