Dead Island: Riptide Characters – John Morgan (Overview)

Health – 120
Speed – 90
Stamina – 100

Faster weapon skills learning, Chance of Area attacks during fury, Special Power Attacks: Uppercut, Run Kick.

Expertise: Hand-to-Hand Combat Expert
John's specialty sits between Sam B's and Logan Carters. He makes the melee weapons do their best as he cuts, smashes and stabs his way through the horde. To be clear, melee weapons include: Brass knuckles, claws, axes, machetes, cane knives, crowbars, wrenches, double blades, hammers, katana, slicers, tanto, and wakizashi. When you activate his Fury you will find that John pulls out a staff and brings to just wreck havoc with it. While you must in close for this fury to reach its peak power you should be used to it by that time as John destroys things best in their face.

Skill Trees
Things start off quickly for John in combat. This signature attack, “Palm Strike” is in the first tier and higher recommended to get things moving properly. This attack, while John is unarmed, he can do extra damage when he hits his targets in the head. They also suffer from bleeding for a time after. This attack receives 2 more upgrades when you get the skills, “Big Boot” and “Kiss Of The Dragon”.

In the second tier you gain access to “Cardio”, “Life Drain” and “Weapon Durability”. To start it is to good to go with “Cardio” and “Life Drain” to start. “Cardio” cuts down the endurance cost for attacking with melee weapons. The next tier has “Frenzy”, “Body Blows”, “Puncher” and “Charge”. It is best to simply start with “Puncher” for the boost to damage.

This gets followed up with  “Big Boot” in the fourth tier. This skill doubles up what “Palm Strike” does. That goes a long way toward making John even better at resolving matters directly. Move into Tier 5 and you will find the “Uppercut Attack” which is a lot of fun to use. This bleeds into the following tier which gives you more upgrades. “Uppercut Upgrade” is highly recommended as then you can use that skill without draining the stamina bar and use it even more for quick kills.

All this leads up to the final tier. This gives the “Kiss Of The Dragon” which gives you even more damage, increasing critical hit damage and even cutting the stamina cost. If you want to smash things with your fists, this is where you want to sink your skill points to get things moving.

Fury: Touch Of Power
This Fury gives John his staff and he takes out things with it.  Int he secondtier you will find “Infinite Rage”. Getting 3 levels into this will increase the rage gained from kills up to 15%. Now head on toward the skill “Touch of Destruction” in the next tier. This gives John a killing blow and an attack that sends zombies flying. Moving onto you will find 3 useful skills when you hit tier 4: “Go Green”, “Kill All, Know All” and “Long Hands”. Try to raise those skills together so you can reap all the benefits. If nothing else, “Kill All, Know All”gives a great boost to experience while in a Fury.

As you get to the bottom of the skill tree you will find a few more useful skills. Start immediately by investing into “Zen Time” and when you have everything else you want from the other tiers go for “Like A Rock”. The cap skill in this tree is simple “Touch Of Death” and it does a lot for you as it doubles the time you spend in Fury. A solid investment into this tree with that skill will allow John to simply lay waste to everything in front of him.

This skill tree starts of quickly in the first tier. The “Health and Stamina Buff 1” you will find John's formidable health is raised as is his standard stamina by 10%. Move on from there toward Tier 2 of the tree. The first skill to invest into is “One-Handed Weapon Durability”. Get 2 levels of that and you will little to worry about for a while as your items will last a lot longer. From there just throw something into “Master Thief” to get into Tier 3 and have some ability to deal with locks.

Tier 3 has “Health and Stamina Buff 2”. Once again, it adds 10% onto John's Health and Stamina. There is little to worry about now. Get through to Tier 4 and you will find “Weapons Proficiency”. Grab this and John will master using any melee weapon a lot faster, especially maxed. From there you should be good to move into the next tier. This has a few useful skills but the best are “Marathon Runner” cutting the stamina cost in that very action and “Military Training” to give John a 40% chance to health instead of dying with some quick investments.

When you get to the bottom of the skill tree you will find “Health and Stamina Buff 3”. This adds another 10% to John's Health and Stamina. This makes it all the better for him to be wading through the horde with his fists in their face and sending them flying.