Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough Part 1 – Lighthouse

Booker arrives at an island with a couple. There is not much to go with right now. He has a debt to pay and to pay it he needs to take the girl in the photo to New York. The couple talks on and on about little aside from thought experiments. After that the boat will pull up beside a pier. Booker will be prompted to climb the ladder to his left to ascend to the pier.

Once on the pier head into the nearby boathouse. While mostly destroyed look over to the left to find some money, locally called Silver Eagles. Grab it and then head out to the left and make for the lighthouse. Take your time to interact with things to get the feel for the game. There are a lot of things that can have a good number of items hidden in them and occasionally you will just find the odd valuable bit here and there.

When you get to the lighthouse Booker finds a note addressed to him, “Bring up the girl and wipe away the debt. This is your last chance!” . Head over to the left and investigate the barrels there to find a few more Silver Eagles. After that knock on the door to proceed. No one is inside. After that go up to the basin and interact with it to get a nice one liner out of DeWitt. After that head over to the right of the basin and to the back of the room. You will find more coins on the dresser and you can find some loot inside the barrel as well. Grab all that, make a quick circuit around the room to find anything else then head on up the stairs to the first landing. Turn to the left and loot the dresser then head forward and to the right . You can try the phone but it is dead. Look to the left of the desk and just underneath the head of the bed to the right. You will likely find a wallet with money inside it. After that go to the left of the bed and start up the stairs.

At the next landing you will find a body with a note, “Don't disappoint us”. Look to the right of it to find more money. Turn to the left and make for the barrel to get some more loot. After that go on up the stairs to keep going upwards. This will bring you to the top of the Lighthouse. You will find 3 bells. Interact with them to begin the puzzle.

This is a simple puzzle as DeWitt has a postcard that has the key on it. You need to ring the bells a certain number of times in a certain order. That order and number is as follows: Scroll: 1, Key: 2, Sword: 2.  Doing that will cause a transformation in the lighthouse itself. Once the horns and the lights stop you will be taken to Columbia itself. All you need to do is sit in that chair and try not to panic.