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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 69 – Endings (Blood Moon – Final Boss)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/21/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Endings", where Issac must face the Necromorph Moon and stop the threat forever.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 69 – Endings (Blood Moon – Final Boss)

As Issac opens the door he is hit by a vacuum that works to pull him out. He holds on a while to assess the situation. After that he lets go and it is time to fly over to the Moon itself and deal with the forces inside. Throughout the flight keep  away of what is going on. There are still very large things flying around that can smash Issac before he reaches his destination.

When Issac makes it there he is staring at the eyes of this Necromorph Moon. While his guns will not do anything to the Moon itself there are things around he can use. First, there are Markers that he can hurl at the Moon. If Issac stands in the center of the platform he is on then he can use the Kinesis Glyph to grab Markers and lob them into the eyes of the Moon. This part is not too hard. The hard part is there are Necromorphs coming at Issac while he does this. Gun them down quickly then grab one of the Markers and lob it into one of the eyes.

After you have taken out the first eye a new sequence starts. First, the Moon throws some pods at you. These contain Necromorphs. Shoot them open then gun them down quickly. After that turn your focus toward the Moon. It will reach out with its tentacles and grab onto the platform Issac is on. Turn to either Tentacles, hit with Stasis and then blast it apart. This will get you onto the next part of the battle.

The Platform is a lot closer to the Moon now so you will not casually just notice the eye. Look above Issac to find it. Now it will launch more pods over to Issac's platform. These contain Twitchers in addition to the other kind of Necromorph you have been fighting. Hit the Twitchers with Stasis and take them out quickly. Once again, look to grab a Marker and launch it into the eye of the Moon. This will lead to another round of Pods and it once again trying to eat the platform. Sever the Tentacles and get ready to deal with the final eye.

This one will launch a few waves of Pods at you. This makes it a lot harder to simply grab a Marker and hurl it into the final eye. Just kill of the Slashers and Twitchers it throws at you then go for the shot after. This is the last shot but it will do everything it is suppose to. Just stumble your way over to the edge of the Machine's platform. Hit the prompted button and Issac will make it up. From there it is the last cinematic of the game and then the credits roll. Enjoy them and congratulations on beating Dead Space 3. Be sure to watch all the credits to catch everything.