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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 68 – Endings (Reaching the Moon)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/21/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Endings", where Issac must struggle to reach the Machine which now floats toward the center of the Necromorphic Moon.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 68 – Endings (Reaching the Moon)

Welcome to the final chapter of Dead Space 3. Start by running straight forward. For once Issac is on a timer as the ground around him begins to crumble and collapse. The path, while somewhat straight forward, sees a lot of change as Issac moves forward. Still, it is not too hard to follow overall. Whenever you get turned around immediately use the Locator Beam to get back on track. Ignore any Necromorphs that appear on the sides. Only kill the ones that get in front of Issac.

This keeps up for all of the first portion. This comes to an end when Issac encounters a pair of large Tentacles. He needs to sever them at the Orange blisters on them. Hit them with Stasis to slow them down and make them a lot easier to hit. In addition to the 2 Tentacles there is a slow stream of Dark Leapers that will rise from where the Tentacles are and attack Issac. Kill them quickly so you can focus more on the Tentacles. After that Issac has to deal with an Alien Necromorph. Just quickly dismember it by firing on its limbs and knocking it into Stasis.

With the Tentacles (and other Necromorphs) turn around and look behind you. There is a small path there that Issac can head down and grab Alien Artifact 10. It is recommended to just use Kinesis to grab it. After that make a run for the Conduit that rests beyond where the Tentacles were. Get into the light and and you will be taken to the next part of the level.

In transit there is a lot to worry about. Not only do you have debris flying around you also need to watch out for (and shoot down) Medusa. Weave through the “cave” with them, dodge a rock or two after that. It is the metal sheet you need to watch out for. Drop as low as you can to ensure that you will be missed by it.

After that you need to resume your run forward. The tempest tearing the ground apart behind has not stopped and you only got a nice lead on it. Once again get and start running forward. There are 2 Twitchers that will appear to make your life harder. Quickly hit them with Stasis and then dismember them. Just keep running otherwise.

Eventually you will run into another Tentacle. This one has another root running out from it blocking your forward progress. Once again, hit the Tentacle with Stasis then aim for the Orange infection site. Once it is sever you can progress. In the mean time there will be a few Dark Slashers that appear and attack you. Once the “root” is removed it is time to start running again.

This is the final stretch of outright sprinting. Once again kill them when needed but otherwise just keep running. When a Twitcher shows up, pause just long enough to hit them with Kinesis and a strong attack. After that resume your run. Eventually Issac will make it into a cave where there is some quiet.

Inside this Cave Issac will find one final Suit Kiosk and Workbench. If your RIG is not fully upgraded, you likely have the materials to do. Equip weapons for short and long range combat that pack a lot of punch. When you are ready for the final part of the game follow the locator beam to the door and push the button to the left of it. This will start the final flight and fight.