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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 66 – Kill Or Be Killed (The Machine: Powering Up)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/21/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Kill Or Be Killed", where Issac must realign the power supply of the Array.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 66 – Kill Or Be Killed (The Machine: Powering Up)

At the top of the cargo lift it is time to reconfigure this “Arches” to reach the top of the Machine. This time, set the 2 on the outside to the Middle socket and the 2 in the center to the Top socket. Those adjustments made use the Codex to make the alteration effective. This will change the course of the Conduit to let Issac reach the next part of the Machine that he needs to reach to continue the process of powering it up.

Head on down the cargo lift and start up the ramp toward the Conduit. As Issac ascends he will be attacked by 3 Twitchers: 1 from in front and 2 from behind. Once again go through the conduit and Issac will be contacted by Ellie. She survived but Danik has her captive. Start down the ramp and through the door. Here Issac has to contend with a number of Soldiers. One of them has a rocket launcher so make him a target as soon as possible to avoid simply being blown up. If you see or hear a rocket incoming then roll to one side. Retreat back to the entryway of this area and lure the enemies to you here. It will ensure the second Soldier with a rocket launcher cannot hit you until you are ready and makes it a lot easier to deal with the rest of the soldiers.

When the rest are dead and only the second Rocket Launcher Soldier remains have Issac move to the edge of the of the plaza. Behind the cover the stone use Kinesis to grab and pull one of the barriers over to him. This will block the Soldier's line of sight to Issac and stop him from attacking. Just throw it off or drop it when you are close enough to line up a quick kill on him. Head around the rest of the plaza and press forward after that. There are 3 more soldiers on the far side to kill but it is relatively clear after that.

This will lead to the Power Generator for the Machine. Use Kinesis to grab the Power Cell that is directly in front of Issac. Look at the markings on the underside of the statue in front of him. It shows him where each of the 3 Power Cells need to go. Head over to the left after you get the first one inserted.

As Issac gets onto the map he will here more of Danik's men coming for him. There are a number to the right that will be attacking him as well. Still, mostly focus on the ones to the left. The main reason is there is one Suicide Soldier that will come running at you with an armed grenade. Kill him quickly and any other soldiers closing in on you. There are at least 6 soldiers on this side that Issac needs to kill. Once he has, loot the bodies then turn your attention to the raised statue. You will find the second power cell. Grab it and head toward the center. Do not go down the ramp toward the alien generator just yet. Instead throw the cell there and continue on to the other side of the area.

There are only a few of Danik's men on this side. To make moving in easier, use Kinesis to grab one of the barriers and bring it into the fight with you. This will stop a lot of the initial damage and protect Issac a bit longer. Kill them and take advantage of the Workbench to make any changes to your load out or collect what the Scavenger Bots have found.

Head back to the center of this area. Look at the hieroglyphs on the power cells and match where they go with the markings on the underside of the statue. Insert them appropriately and you are ready to move onto the final step of preparing the machine.