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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 63 – A Strange City (The Machine)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/20/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "A Strange City", where Issac finds the Machine and begins to activate it properly.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 63 – A Strange City (The Machine)

Now head toward the part that just started to glow. Interact with it to insert the Codex. This will open a passage going straight to the center of the Machine itself. Time to get cracking again. Take the lift down. At the bottom Issac has to fight through 3 Alien Necromorphs. Close in on each as they appear and hit them with Stasis or slow them with your weapon. After that just take them down in turn.

Do any last minute change to your weaponry or RIG them it is time to head up the ramp and toward the beam. Step into the Blue Light and Issac will be pulled toward the center. You must maneuver him around the various obstacles that will appear in front of him to avoid taking damage. Nothing too bad on this run. At the far side Issac has another tonal lock to deal with. If you are not sure what symbols to use then look above the top of the door. If you have the subtitles on then you can see what they are as well.

Once through take a moment to go over to the right. Here you will find another good spot to release the Scavenger Bot. Now head over to the left. Before you head toward the center, go all the way over to the left. Be sure to pass the way that leads to the glyph. There is a block just to the left of this walkway. Hug the block and follow it to the nearby rock. Follow it to where it meets the next rock and look on the floor. You will find Alien Artifact 6 just sitting on the ground there.

There is another Glyph on the floor and a number of Dark Feeders that need to be dealt with. Stand on the glyph and use Stasis on them. They are slowed down even more and Stasis has a slightly larger blast radius. Use this and get head shots in to take them down as Feeders are the only kind of Necromorph that appears to be vulnerable to such things.

When all the Feeders are dead take some time to explore the area and collect the loot. There is a circuit that fives +2 Reload, +2 Damage on the blocks near the twisted pillars with vines in the center. Head to the second glyph on the floor. Here Issac will realize the potential of the super-charged Kinesis. He will contact Carver and let him know they could rip the limbs off the Necromorphs who are charging them in one of these. Stand in the circle and face forward. There are 3 Dark Slashers that will emerge and come after Issac. Use Kinesis to rip their limbs off and skewer them. Likely 2 more Dark Slashers will attack after the main wave from the sides. Be on guard for them.

Once the Slashers are dead head forward and to the right down the next corridor. You will find another tonal lock to deal with. While most of the symbols are shown above the door one is obscured. If you have the subtitles on you can see what it is immediately. Otherwise you need to guess at what is making that pitch sound. While it is not hard thanks to the lack of overall variety it still takes time. Once you get this door open the end will be approaching quickly.