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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 62 – A Strange City (Artifact Storage to The Machine)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/20/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "A Strange City", where Issac must hunt through the Alien City in search of the Machine.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 62 – A Strange City (Artifact Storage to The Machine)

From Artifact Storage, turn around from the bypass console and head on up the ramp. Go over tot he right at the top. There Issac will find another Alien Word Lock. If you do not have the subtitles on, this is a good time to use them. Not only is the word painted on the floor within easy view of the console but it periodically makes the noise. When it does, the captions show the symbols you need. Once again, just punch in the symbols and enter the combination to get through to the next room.

When you get into the room head for the back of it. There Issac will find a generator. Fire it up with Kinesis to power up a Zero Gravity Cells. Head over to the small Marker and start going up. Look straight up, and a little to the left, to find a circuit (+2 Reload, +2 Rate of Fire). Be careful though as it is about the time you can get the circuit that you will come under attack from the Lurker above Issac. Take it out quickly and head through the opening to the floor above. At the top of this part, before the other lurkers can get to you, pull out a Scavenger Bot and set it loose at the appropriate location. Use the locator beam to help navigate this tighter Zero Gravity area. When you reach the top there will be another Lurker waiting to attack you. After that, head over to the alien door. Once again you need to input the symbols. Much like before the symbols are visible in front of you and the subtitles also show them. Punch in the symbols and go through the door.

On the other side you will leave the Zero Gravity area. Head toward the blue symbols on the floor. First though look up and to the left on the scaffolding. There you will find a circuit (+2 Reload, +1 Clip). Now stand on the symbol and turn to face the large, now blue lined, blocks. Hit them with a burst of Kinesis and you can easily move them. In this case, grab one of the rocks then throw it to break them both and clear the path forward.

Head on down the ramp and over to the right. As Issac approaches the generator he will hear the sound of the Alien Crawlers. Look a little to the left and you can easily see them coming at you. Pick them off then turn your attention to powering up the generator. This will power up a Suit kiosk just a little to the right of the generator and a workbench on the opposite side of some rocks from the generator. Be sure that Issac has something that can slow enemies as there are going to be some Alien Necromorphs in a little while. Look opposite the lift and to the left to find a Compact Standard frame that Issac can add to his collection.

With all that gathered head to the nearby lift and call it. Get on board and head on up.  AT the top head through the “arch ways” and onto the Kinesis Glyph. This will also trigger the audio log, “Hieroglyphs 1”. Take a moment to look at the design on the left-hand side of the doorway. This is how you need to arrange things to access that machine. Turn around and look at the arches. Use Kinesis to move the blue spheres inside the “arches” to get to appear in the proper position. The outermost one of the left should have its sphere at the top. The two in the middle should have their spheres in the middle. The final one on the right should have its blue sphere at the top. Time to start toward the center and get the Codex controls into the proper place.