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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 61 – Side Missions: Artifact Storage (Back Hall to Completion)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/20/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Artifact Storage", where Issac must search for an Alien Artifact Manifest and then escape with it from the Storage.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 61 – Side Missions: Artifact Storage (Back Hall to Completion)

Inside the Back Hall Issac will find another Video Playback  to watch. This will give him the markings for the alien word, “Final”. After that head into the door leading into Ordnance Tower 2. For once Issac needs to head up in the tower opposed to down. Be sure to hang over to the right that is where you can find Alien Artifact 9. Be careful with the ascent as there are at least 5 Lurkers in addition to all the laser trip mines. Keep moving and ascend carefully to weave through the lasers and avoid the lurkers. Take out all the ones at the top and connect with the top walkway.

Once on this walkway head to the end of it and go to the Engineering Interface. It is time to hack another EEI. Get through it and you can get into the door beyond. Here Issac will find a Workbench to the left and to the left of that is another circuit (+2 Damage, +2 Clip). Double check your weaponry and  be sure you have either a Stasis Amplifier or a Stasis Coating attached. It is going to be useful very soon as there are Hunters coming up soon.

Head into the next room. There is another console with a Video Playback of the alien word for “Sacrifice”. Now head over to the chest and start looting it. Ignore the Hunter that is in the container to the right for now. It cannot break out immediately, you have some time yet. Inside the crate Issac will find Circuit 1: +2 Rate of Fire, +2 Clip, Circuit 2: +2 Rate of Fire, +2 Damage, Circuit 3: +2 Reload, +2 Damage, a Serrano Spare Parts Box and some supplies. Now head over to the left of the crate, toward the other Hunter in the Container. Here Issac will find a place to loose another Scavenger Bot. Do so while it is still safe. Time to start over to the right. Next to the first Hunter's Container you saw you will find your objective, the Artifact Manifest. Grab it and head for the nearby door behind you. This is where things start going wrong again as the Hunters will break loose just after Issac leaves the room.

Head into the next room labeled Escape Route and the Hunters will emerge in front of Issac. Quickly hit it with Stasis and sprint up the stairs. Here Issac needs to fight and deal with 3 Dark leapers that are coming at him. Shortly after they are dealt with the first Hunter is likely to catch up with you and a second will appear from the grate to the left of the door. Take a quick moment to head for the ladder just opposite there door. At its base, to the left, Issac can find another circuit (+2 Reload, +2 Rate of Fire). He is also relatively safe from the Hunters here if you need a chance to heal or for stasis to recharge as it will give you a minute or so. After that immediately make for the bypass panel, wait for the Hunters to close in on you and then hit them with stasis. Once they are in stasis turn your attention to the panel. Quickly hack it and open the door to the left.

Run into the first Ordnance Tower and launch off toward the top, boosting all the way to the highest walkway. Once there head for the Tram Access door. Go through it. Now Issac just needs to make it across the room. The problem is there are 3 Hunters between him and the door. Be sure to hit each of them with Stasis and make a run for it. All he has to do is make it into the elevator and start going upwards to finish this mission completely.