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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 59 – A Strange City (Beginning to Artifact Storage)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/20/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "A Strange City", where Issac must get through the Alien City and get through to the Machine.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 59 – A Strange City (Beginning to Artifact Storage)

As Issac recovers from his fall and takes stock of his location he realizes just what he is standing in: an alien city. Turn to the right and find the generator. Hit it with Kinesis and give hit a number of spins to get everything powered up.Now turn to the left and head over to where the wall and the railing meet. Here Issac will spot a specimen box and a steel pillar. Between those 2 items he will find Alien Artifact 5. Just to the right of it he will find a workbench. Change out the explosive tool for something that is fully loaded on circuits and ready for tough monsters with plenty of ammo. Get that set up then head through the door to the left of the generator.

Inside this room look around for supplies. To the right you will find a text log, “The Sound Of Music”. Now head for the door to get on out of this room. It will trigger a movie and the doors will lock. Issac now needs to figure out the alien language, at least enough for the lock, to progress. Look around the room for the “audio log” that is opposite the movie screen. Here Issac will see the 3 Symbols that form the word “Open”. Make note of what they are and head then turn to the door to your right. Input those symbols into the nearby console to open both doors. Head on down the corridor and into the next large room.

This leads to a cutscene with Issac and Carver. After that, head over to the right and start down the path. Head over to the right onto the small offshoot of the path. You will notice a small purple glow of a circuit. Use Kinesis to get it as it gives +2 Reload, +1 Damage. Take a moment after that to head to the opposite end to release a Scavenger Bot then go back to where you got the circuit. There is a power box with a Kinesis target. Open it up to find a Power Cell inside. Grab the Power Cell with Kinesis and then start back on the path to the right. Put the Power Cell into the circuit opening on the block at the right-hand end of the walkway. You will notice it light up with explosives all over. Run away from it and wait for it to blow.

Head through the new hole and continue through the passage. Keep alert as Issac will encounter Danik with 2 Soldiers. Quickly shoot the soldier to avoid any damage that he can do to you now or later. Head over to the left and to the Power Cell box. Open it up and grab the cell within. Once again, carry it but hang to the left-hand wall. When Issac reaches the Steel Pillar he will find a Unitology Artifact. Place the Power Cell into the socket on the rocks. This will blast away one wall but reveal there is another just ahead. Head back to the Power Cell Box to get a second Power Cell. Run back to the second wall and plug in the circuit. The wall will immediately Detonate and throw Issac down on Dannik. Carver saves the Codex from rolling over the edge but then he and Issac are pulled down as they fall.

After a quick recovery they are in the lower reaches of the Alien City. Things are not looking especially good. Head on forward but keep on guard. Head forward then over to the left. Issac will be attacked by a Alien Necromorph with numerous Alien Crawlers aiding it. Just past that, as Issac finds a path leading to the right he should turn to the left. In that direction he will a bypass he can use. Hack it to gain access to Artifact Storage, an Optional Mission found by heading into the elevator he unlocks with the Bypass. As Issac initiates the bypass he will get the audio log, “Witness Protection”.