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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 54 – A Change in Fortune (Rosetta Lab to Chasing Danik)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/19/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "A Change in Fortune", where Issac must help Ellie and Carver reassemble "Rosetta" to create a Codex then start chasing after Danik.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 54 – A Change in Fortune (Rosetta Lab to Chasing Danik)

Back in the Rosetta Lab it is time to reassemble “Rosetta” properly to get the readings needs to construct a Codex. First, Issac needs to find the head and the feet. These pieces stand out as there is no cutaway section on one side. For the feet it is to the left and for the head it is to the right. Move over to the closest side, so Ellie is to Issac's left and it is time to start reassembling this skeleton using Kinesis. Most likely the head and feet are already in position so it is a simple matter of getting the rest to come together. A good trick is to move Issac to either the head or the foot of the assembly and look down the line of the creature's body. If it lines up then it is done properly, if you see a jarring image somewhere then a piece is not in its proper place.

Start with the slab just next to the head. Grab it and drag it down to be by the feet. This will help give you an idea of what to look for. Now grab the pieces 2 from the head. Drag it down and place it next to the second foot piece, into the third slot from the right. Once again head to the piece now second from the left and grab it. Place it in the slot fourth from the right. Grab the pieces to the left of the one you just placed. Take it to the slot just to the right of the head. Finally grab the fourth piece from the left, just past the “leg” pieces you were putting together. Grab and place it third from the left. This will complete assembly. Time to get the Codex itself pulled together.

Head around the assembly table, past the booth with Ellie to where you collected the first piece of “Rosetta”. Look on the console opposite that to find the button to create the Codex. A cinematic reveals the true nature of the machine and Issac blurts it all out. As he stands he is faced, at gunpoint, by Danik. Danik takes the Codex from Issac and they start on their path out. Issac triggers the Sterilization protocol for the room which they use to kill the soldiers. Danik runs and Issac needs to chase after him.

The Sterilization Agent will kill Issac given the chance and the suit offers minimal protection from it. Head down the stairs then hug against “Rosetta” to make it around to the far side. From there go up against the stairs. Avoid any wall of Orange gas as it will quickly kill you. Once inside the elevator get ready to mash a prompted button once Ellie starts for the door. This will get you through to the next section.

Once the cutscene with Carver and Issac is over, exit the elevator and run over to the left toward Carver. Stay away from the walls and simply run. This will get him to the next part of the hunt for Danik. He has the Codex and can deactivate the Machine.

Once outside the elevator go forward and take the first hallway on your left that leads to the Geology Section. Carver will contact Issac and tell him where Danik is going. Issac will update his locator and it is time to get moving. Head for the first left and start down the metal walkway once again. Be careful as there is a Soldiers at the end of it who will be firing on Issac the moment he gets a chance. Fire at the source of the beams with whatever ranged weapon you have to take him down. After that just press forward along the walkway toward its end. Around the first corner Issac will encounter another Soldier who is packing a rocket launcher. Take him out quickly before he can blast Issac to pieces.