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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 51 – Side Missions: Disposal Services Site (Entrance to Entryway Hall)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/19/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Disposal Services Site", where Issac must search for more parts that he can use for his weaponry.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 51 – Side Missions: Disposal Services Site (Entrance to Entryway Hall)

Head on inside from the pathway between Geology and Biology. Take the elevator down and head into the entry way tram station. Here Issac will also find a Workbench and a Suit Kiosk. Grab what you can from the lockers at the far end then take the elevator down to the Disposal Site itself. Head on forward down the hallway in front of Issac. Go forward into the next room, the Workshop.

As Issac enters the Workshop he is attacked from from the left by a Dark Fodder and then from the front by more of them. One more will come out of the duct the first one attacked from. After that just head forward and over to the right. On the desk to the right Issac will find a Text Log, “Exterminate”. Collect it and anything in the lockers to the right of it. After all that turn around and head into Engineering Hall 2.

Inside the Engineering Hall Issac will be attacked by 2 Exploders from the right. Quickly kill them off and head to the back-left part of the room. This leads into Engineering Hall 3. Just turn to the right inside here and over to the elevator leading into Refuse Disposal. Take it on up to the site.

Inside the Disposal Room Issac will find a number of Dark Fodder and some Exploder Necromorphs waiting for him. You have the choice of fighting it out or running for the ladder ahead to the right. Once there climb the ladder quickly. Either way, it will lead toward the Trash Control Room.

Head inside the next room and over to the left. There Issac will find another case of having to initiate a bypass. Hack the console to clear the way forward by activating the Disposal lift. When Issac finishes the Bypass he will attacked by an Exploder in front of him and a Dark Fodder to the left. There are 2 more Dark Fodders that will attack him as well. Once again, either fight it out or just run for the door and go through it. On the other side head over to the right and into the next door to arrive at a raised catwalk. Look to the right of it and you will spot a ladder leading down. Take it and move to the right. There is another fuse puzzle that needs to be solved. Take a moment to look across from the fuses to find an upgrade circuit good for +2 Clip, +1 Reload. First though take some time to clear the area. There are a few Necromorphs, including at least a pair of Twitchers you need to deal with after you start working at the fuses.

Start with the Top Left Fuse. Hit it with Kinesis and rotate it twice. Now move to the fuses to the right of it twice. Now move to the final right-hand fuse along the top. Hit it with Kinesis to align with the fuse to the left of it. Now move onto the circuit of fuses below it. Hit this one twice as well. Now look to the fuse set to the left of it. Rotate it once. After that turn your attention to the final fuse in the bottom right. Rotate it once to complete the puzzle. Head on back up the ladder and across the now completed catwalk. This leads to an elevator. Take it on down to the Entryway Hall.