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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 49 – Everything Has Its Place (Paleontology “The Zoo” to Biology)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/19/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Everything Has Its Place", where Issac must find and bring the pieces of "Rosetta" back to the lab to assemble the Codex.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 49 – Everything Has Its Place (Paleontology “The Zoo” to Biology)

Head on back out from the Reaper barracks and forward into the corridor in front of Issac. Just a little in you will see another Cyst. Hit it with Stasis and head down the corridor to your right. DO not immediately go into the Decontamination Chamber but go behind it. You will find a circuit and a small box.(+2 Damage, +1 Clip). Now head to the chamber. It is apparent that the gas supply is cut off. You need to head down the corridor in front of the console to find the release valve. It is at the end of the hall, on the right. Use Kinesis to remove the covering and once again to activate the lever. This will start a flow of gas into the area. Avoid the gas jets coming from the sides of the room and run back to the decontamination control chamber. Once in there, throw the lever to activate it properly and clear the room. This will also activate the nearby workbench which seems to have suffered while the growth was there. Take a moment to build a weapon with the Stasis attachment and add a line blast to something so you are ready for what is going to come.

With any changes made,  head to the left of the Workbench and through the door there. Take a moment to loot the lockers on the right then move to the next door leading into “The Zoo” of Paleontology. Just stay in the doorway as you open it. There are a large number of Feeders in the area and at least one Dark Slasher. Line weaponry is a great boon here. Just stay in the doorway and fire away at everything in front of Issac.

When the fighting is done head into the room and immediately turn right. There is a desk in the corner with an Alien Artifact on it. Continue forward on the right-hand side to find an audio log, “Piece: Gills” waiting for you. Now continue forward until Issac can turn to the left. Pull out a Scavenger Bot and loose it into the nearby area to get more resources. Now head back to the door you came in. Look to the left and Issac can find the fourth sample of “Rosetta”. Grab it and take it to the back right-hand part of the room. There Issac will find the reciprocal for it to be sent back to the main Rosetta Lab. Send it on back and then start for the door. Head across to the left-hand side of the room and take the stairs going to the door in the back of the lab. There is one more piece of “Rosetta” to be found.

Head on through the door but do so carefully. On the other side immediately you have 2 Pregnant Necromorphs, Dark Slashers and a Lurker. They are all coming after Issac. Remember, shoot the Pregnants in the head or limbs, just not the torso to avoid releasing the Swarm Necromorphs that rest within. It is best to move back as the Necromorphs advance to give yourself more than enough space to deal with all of them and avoid getting mobbed.

With the pathway clear head on through the door. At the bend Issac can find some Lockers to get at. Go to the left after that and into the elevator. Take it to its destination. You are outside again and things are not looking food. Danik has his Gunships looking for you. Avoid lights of every kind and head over to the left.  Just run, weaving if spotted, and get into the Biology Building. Once there the Gunship will lose Issac and he can safely move about for a minute. Head on through the next building and into the next field toward Biology. There are Unitology Soldiers waiting in this Courtyard. The problem where is they are also faced with a new kind of Necromorph, the Twitcher. These are very fast so have a rifle or something with good speed and preferably a Stasis Attachment. If not it takes some careful aim with Stasis and then blasting them away. From there just head on into Biology again. There is the initial one that attacks you followed by 4 other Twitchers. Remember, Stasis then blast them to pieces. Be sure to look on the back end of the Snow Crawler to find the Seeker Rifle Blueprints. After that head into the Biology Building. Change out your gear for Stasis oriented and damage. There are Stalkers in the near future and you should be ready, plus there are more Twitchers to come. Head on through the door into Geology just to the right of the Workbench.