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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 42 – Autopsy (External Access)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/14/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Autopsy", where Issac must survive a Unitologist ambush and a battle with the Nexus Hive Mind.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 42 – Autopsy (External Access)

As Issac is in the cage it will just take Norton a moment to snap to reality and bring it up. Norton will leave Issac there and head off to get Ellie. Use Kinesis to open the gate then head on over to the elevator and take it to the lower level of this facility. Head back across to the opposite side of the facility and through the door to the Furnace Room.

Once inside there use the Suit Kiosk and upgrade anything you can. Things are not going to be pretty when Issac gets to where he is going. After that head over to the door with the label “Exterior Access”. Take your time going through to collect what you can of the various components that are in the boxes. There is another Workbench on your way in case you need to change out any of the weaponry that Issac has on hand. After that head on out through the door opposite the Workbench.

Danik is waiting for Issac outside the Facility and one of his men nails Issac in the face. After a little speech revealing that Norton revealed the location of Tau Volantis to him he goes and tries to kill him. This leads to a short shoot out with the Unitologist Soldiers from the nearby drop ships. There is a screech from the left. Now there is a cutscene where the Nexus Necromorph reveals that it is still very active, if not alive.

This massive Hive Mind Necromorph is something else to deal with. Its vulnerable points are the yellow cyst on it chest and the 4 orange blisters found around its mouth. It only can do a few things but they are nasty. First is the most obvious of its claw smash. Roll to the side to avoid it. The second attack is it will spit out orange pods. Shoot these else they will hatch into Black Feeders. There is enough space it is not too difficult to deal with them but it is better to avoid getting mobbed by destroying all of them that you can in advance.

When Issac has destroyed the 4 Orange blisters, he just needs to make it to the next round where the Nexus Necromorph is trying to suck him in. This time, with nothing to shoot it will succeed. Issac comes to inside its belly just in time to manage quite a struggle. When he is deposited into its stomach he needs to destroy 3 nests that are floating inside it. They seem to take it in turn to fire on Issac. Find whichever one is attacking, hit it with stasis and shoot of the tentacles. Just repeat this until you get all 3. There is plenty of ammo floating around and at least one Oxygen tank so there is not much to worry about.

After the stomach comes the ejection. The Nexus will fall, potentially dying from what Issac has just done to its insides. With all that things can only get better right? No. Norton has had enough and effectively snapped. He will kick Issac and pull a gun on him. When prompted, hit the button and Issac will shoot Norton in self-defense. This does not stop him from freaking out for doing it after though. Another cutscene runs and the chapter comes to an end with Carver leading the way toward the rest of the group.