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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 37 – Signal Hunting (Staging Yard and NX-02)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/14/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Signal Hunting", where Issac must reach the NX-02 Test Site and gather the pieces for the Probe Gun then defend himself from the Snow Beast once again.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 37 –  Signal Hunting (Staging Yard and NX-02)

Head on into the Staging Yard. The problems here revolve around it being dark, the crates and the Stalker Necromorphs in the area. If Issac has a Scavenger Bot he can head just a bit forward and to the right to find a place to release it with high yield results. Still, wait by the elevator as you exit. There are 5 Stalkers at least and they will more often than not come at you then just wait for you. Keep keep wary throughout and it will be no problem to deal with the rest.

With them all dead head over to the left and to the NX-02 doorway. There is an Electrical Engineering Interface to the right of the door. Once again Issac must hack his way into the facility. This one offers some different challenges in terms of hacking. It is better to move some of the cursors individually than together for portions as the movements are not always symmetrical. Head inside after that into the facility.

Inside the NX-02 facility head through the first door to find out what happened to it. Most of the facility seems to be destroyed. Here it is apparent they are messing with something very big and likely deadly. Start by going over to the left to get some ammo and open some crates using Kinesis. Now start going over to the right. Just past where the door is Issac can find a Circuit (+2 Rate of Fire, -1 Clip). Just head forward along the catwalk to the end and look toward where the hole is. On some of the wreckage you will spot a Kinesis lever. Aim at it and hit it with a sustained burst to raise a cage up. Now take the nearby ladder down.

As Issac reaches the bottom one of the grates on a vent will burst. No Necromorphs immediately appear so there is minimal immediate concern. Now it is time to collect the 3 pieces that Issac came for. Start by going over to the left. If Issac has a free Scavenger Bot he can loose it here to get some good results. On the nearby table Issac will find the first probe piece as well as a lot of health and ammo. Now head all the way over to the right. Here Issac can collect the remaining 2 probe pieces. The first is on the same walkway you are on now. The final piece is to the left in the cage that Issac raised up earlier. With all 3 in your possession it is time to head on out of this facility and back to the Staging Yard.

Once in the Staging Yard Issac will find himself fighting another of the undying Necromorphs, the Snow Beast. Once again the strategy is to use stasis to sever the tentacles then blast the 3 sacs that appear in its mouth. Issac has to do this at least twice. Remember that you must shoot off the top 3 tentacles then quickly  blast all the sacs that emerge from the mouth. Remember, when it is charging you, simply run as rolling is nowhere near good enough to keep you from taking damage. It also helps a lot to hit the Snow Beast with Stasis just after taking out the third tentacle. This will give Issac far more than enough time to keep it locked down and to line up the shot that will let him take out the 3 sacs with minimal difficulty.

With the Snow Beast Necromorph defeated, Issac will notice a trail of flares leading into the Armory. Danik's men are likely searching it for whatever they can find. This gives the optional mission of exploring the armory to stop just that. Otherwise Issac can simply start back toward the crew. It is recommended to visit the armory as it does offer a Work Bench just inside. Assemble the Probe Gun and then make your choice.