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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 33 – Now We Know (The Tunnel to The Drill Platform)
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 02/13/2013
A series of articles covering Dead Space 3. This covers "Now We Know", where Issac must fight the Unitologist to reach the crew and the experiment to find the Machine.

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 33 – Now We Know (The Tunnel to The Drill Platform)

Once inside the next chamber of the tunnel there is a massive Necromorph the scientist here were  studying. Head around it and down the ladder on the other side. Once at the bottom of the ladder, keep facing the Necromorph and move a little to the left. Look straight ahead toward the necromorph and you will spot a weapon part: The Hammon's Heavy Frame. Issac must use Kinesis to get it but it is more than worth the effort to do so. After that turn around and head through the next seal door.

On the other side Issac will encounter more Unitologist Soldiers. These will throw more grenades than the last batch. The problem is some of these grenades are stasis grenades which glow blue instead of the usual red. If Issac get gets caught in the blast of one of them he will be slowed notably for a length of time and that is hardly good. Very much try to grab and throw the grenades back at the Soldiers to avoid the worst of what they can do. When all the soldiers are dead head to the other end of the area (using the locator beam if needed) and enter the Excavation Supply Depot

Inside this supply depot Issac will encounter a new kind of Necromorph, a Creeper. This head-like Necromorphs attach themselves to corpses and reanimate them into a Shambler. The problem here is if that corpse had a weapon in life, they will immediately start using it against Issac. There are 2 Creepers in this room that Issac has to deal with. As there are 3 bodies, it is very important to separate the Creeper from its Shambling body and then kill it with some precise shooting while it is between bodies. This will ensure that it goes down quickly. If you are having trouble with that, just be sure to hit the Shambler or Creeper with Stasis to give yourself the needed time. Just head on through the door on the other side of the chamber after they have been dealt with.

Outside Issac will something that is very big and very frozen. Head forward and more Necromorphs will be attacking a couple of Unitologists. Deal with the survivors which are likely the Necromorphs. Things do not get any easier as Fodder will appear with the other Necromorphs and come after Issac. The biggest problem of this encounter is that the Unitologist will turn into Necromorphs a short while after they die so you need to kill them twice here.

When all the soldiers and Necromorphs have been dealt with it is time to get at the door to the Excavation Drill Site. To the left of the door is a door that needs to be hacked through its EEI interface. Move the cursors to the indicated spots before time runs out to complete the hack. Once done, head inside the nearby doorway and through to the site itself.

Now that Issac is inside the Excavation site there are a few things to look for. Head out to the edge of the ramp and turn around. To the left of the doorway Issac came through he will find a circuit box. This circuit gives  +2 Clip, -1 Reload. Grab it and head down the snowy ramp. At the bottom he will find a Telemetery Spike Weapon Part and a Work Bench that he can use to change any of his weapons. For what is coming, a change is not a bad idea. Look opposite the Work Bench to find the generator that is needed to power up the Bench. Give it a spin up with Kinesis and it will start up the nearby drill as well as the Work Bench. Be sure that one of your weapons has projectiles so you are in good shape for what is to come.